NO purpose is served in knitting eyebrows how Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson succeeded to return home after giving Interpol the slip for 13 months abroad (or just around the block).

Of course, he would not say where he hid or who hid him, a secret he said he would carry to his grave.

He would only concede “it pays to be ahead one, two or three steps ahead to avoid arrest.”

If he is so inclined he could write a book, “How to Outwit the Cops,” or some such titles and that will be an instant bestseller.

The proceeds could go to his professed advocacy, or to victims of injustice, of which he claimed to be one when he decided to go underground after an arrest warrant was issued against him for his alleged role in the twin murders in 2001 of publicist Salvador Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito.

When the Court of Appeals lifted the warrant, after finding no probable cause to link him to the crimes, Lacson made somewhat of a triumphant return first to Cebu via Hong Kong and then to Manila.

Speaking as a former top police official and a senator, he acknowledged his flight from justice was legally indefensible, but said he had to do it because he knew he is innocent and that his life as a fugitive was indeed being like in prison except without walls.

“The difference is that I could navigate my own movements” he said, following one rule, “Do not get caught.”

And his rule worked to the hilt.

He said he had been spotted once or twice in public but apparently nobody squealed on him although he had to move from one hideaway to another when he felt his security was in danger.

There are skeptics who doubt whether there was a serious attempt to look for him and that he had tacit protection from a new and friendly administration.

He brushed aside the suspicion.

He said he would be as harsh against the Aquino Administration as he was against the Arroyo government when he has solid proof of corruption being committed on a grand scale.

But then why would he say he had “an inkling” who ordered the killing of Dacer and Corbito but would not name him because he had no evidence to prove it?

So, what’s the point of saying so?

Will he carry this secret to his grave too?

Pity the families who want justice done after more than 10 years of looking for it.

Someone out there knows the answer.

Or has blood in his hand but is getting away with it.