AFTER March Madness, it’s April showers of accolade for Bronx native who played high school basketball in Harlem, Kemba Walker, who led the University of Connecticut Huskies to its third national championship on April 4.

For championship-starved New York, Kemba became the toast of the town after winning the title.

Imagine if the St. John’s Red Storm, who competed in the NCAA first round for the first time in six years, went to the Final Four.

All hell would have broken loose in the Big Apple, to say the least.

But there’s a glimmer of hope for better things in other sporting events.

The New York Knickerbockers will be in the playoffs for the first since the 2004 season.

They have two scintillating super All-Stars in their lineup, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks, though, will be up against formidable opponents in the post-season, but upsets do happen in the NBA.

In baseball, last year’s woeful New York Mets have added old and new firepower.

Their bullpen is still in disarray but may regroup in the summer.

The long season has just began but if the revamped Mets keep their heads up, they just might make the playoffs like the Knicks who were inept before the free agency signing for Amar’e and the blockbuster trade for Anthony.

In football, America’s biggest spectator sport, the New York Jets (who plays in New Jersey’s Meadowlands stadium), will try again to win it all this year, after coming thisclose to the Super Bowl title last year.

The Eli Manning-led New York Giants will aim to go to the Super Bowl, barring injuries to its standout players.

A ticker tape parade along Broadway is long overdue.

The mighty New York Yankees are a cinch to reach the World Series, although their division is the strongest in the league.

For now, we’ll settle for the ubiquitous Melo billboards looking down on a city that never sleeps.

Kemba Walker should consider taking up Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s offer of a free ticket to a Knicks playoff game against the Boston Celtics.

Who knows Kemba’s heroics in the NCAA tourney might rub off on the surging Knicks.

That would be a dandy.

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