PRESIDENT Barack Obama reached across the political aisle and named a Republican as his ambassador to Beijing in 2009.

This envoy, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr., has quit the Obama Cabinet because he intends to run against his former boss in the 2012 presidential election.

“There’s no political loyalty,” moaned an Obama top campaign strategist, who confronted Huntsman about the former’s national aspirations.

The same can’t be said of members of President Aquino’s cabinet, or official family.

All of them are loyal to the President to a fault.

In turn, the President always stands by his men (and women) right or wrong, especially more so when wrong.

Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, his bosom buddy, committed a major blunder with his first executive order creating a truth commission later ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Was Ochoa cashiered — or at least admonished — for making a legal fool of the young Aquino Administration?

Forget it.

Ochoa remained untouched, safely ensconced in his lofty lair by the Pasig.

In fact, he got upgraded most recently when his boss and buddy inexplicably named him anti-crime chief.

What in bejesus has Ochoa done to be anointed anew with a high-falutin’ sounding agency?

As Little President, Ochoa already has a handle on all matters relating to the executive branch.

He does not need any more title.

All he needs to do is do his current job to the best of his ability.

The President must leave crime-busting to law enforcers, the police and NBI especially, precisely because they are trained to catch lawbreakers, including terrorists.

Besides, Ochoa has not satisfactorily extricated himself from his alleged ownership of a P40-million house.

He has shunted aside critics by curtly saying the mansion is not his but it belongs to a close relative.


President Noynoy should at least have ordered the Department of Justice to look into the allegation, instead of appearing to be doing nothing, which is exactly the impression in many minds today.

Placing a premium on political loyalty is apparently the norm under the President’s watch.

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