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ON June 2, 2011, U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama introduced “My Plate,” the new basic food guide to replace the outdated Food Pyramid of 1992.


ONE person dies of heart attack in the United States every 20 seconds, statistically three a minute, 4,320 a day, or 1,576,800 a year!


SOME may already be doing a good job at wrecking their heart, besides other organs in their body, but for the others who may not be as innovative and cunning, here are eight easy and simple ways to accomplish the job more efficiently and effectively.


THE glutathione craze seems to have spread to various countries, including those in Asian, inspired mostly by women’s desire for a fairer complexion and people’s quest for the fountain of health and youth.


THE mind-boggling advances in wireless technology has ushered in great wonders to the world.

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