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QUIETLY sitting in our kitchen is a good friend but a bad enemy, a killer, when “abused.”


Tai Bo

There is no question at all that physical exercise, no matter how minimally strenuous, at least five times a week for those who medically fit, helps ward off diseases, from metabolic, cardiovascular, and even from many forms of cancer.


Can high blood pressure be cured?


MEN taking multivitamins more than once daily, more than seven days a week, have 30 percent higher risk of developing advanced prostate cancer and doubling the risk of death from this malignancy, reported a new study.


A cardiologist friend of mine in Indiana, who had referred countless patients for open-heart surgery to me in the 80s and 90s, had a freak accident at home that broke his neck (like actor Christopher “Superman” Reeves, who fell from a horse), which left him quadriplegic, unable to breathe on his own, with total paralysis of his arms and legs.

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