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IN a previous column a few years back, we reported that one person in the United States died of a heart attack about every 60 seconds.


LIKE choosing your own poison when it comes to abusing any of the various alcoholic beverages around if you were a drinker, there are also different food types that are really hazardous to health when we consume them with abandon, without care.


Fennel and its wonders

Did you know that many kitchens (perhaps yours too) have this versatile spice?


ENDOSCOPY is a medical procedure where the gastroenterologist (specialist in diseases of the food pipe, stomach and intestines) inserts through the mouth a thin, flexible, lighted, fiberoptic tube with a mini TV camera (for direct viewing by the physician performing the test, or displaying the color video image on a TV screen) into the esophagus (foodpipe), stomach and (usually the duodenum, the first part of the) small intestines to do what is known as UGI (Upper Gastrointestinal) endoscopy.


JOLLY Santa Claus, with his famous white moustache, beard and long curly hair, red baggy outfit and winter black boots, is a most popular figure at Christmas.

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