IN the new pre-emptive health book, Let’s Stop “Killing” Our Children, which was just released by Xlibris of Bloomington, Indiana, I pointed out that protecting the DNA of children, starting from the womb and in the crib would help them ward off common debilitating diseases, like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and even cancer, when they reach middle age and older.

This would save them from our own fate, from the ravages of various common illnesses afflicting all of us today, in one form or another.

In this 800-page coffee-table healthy lifestyle manual, which is listed in the U.S. Library of Congress and in national circulation, I am advocating disease prevention starting from the cellular level and suggested that “our current conventional strategy of battling against illnesses of the past 60 years, which starts during teen age and middle age years, was a bit late in fully protecting their DNA and in preventing diseases.”

Autopsy findings on children, ages 4, 5, 6 who succumbed to accidents, have shown that at that tender age, they already had arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which should normally be found only among old people.

Obviously, their DNA had been damaged years early on.

Starting from ‘ground zero’

As suggested in the book, we must be pro-active and pre-emptive and join the race at “ground zero,” at the starting line, and not in the middle as society is doing today, the very reason why we are lagging behind diseases in the race for health and well-being.

Diseases are way ahead of us, winning, and causing epidemics of obesity, diabetes and cancers.

All because we are starting the race in the middle.

The race does not start in the middle!

Damaging the integrity of the DNA with unhealthy milk from corn/soy-fed cows, among babies and young children, and feeding them saturated fat and cholesterol-loaded red meats, egg yolks and other dairy products, and processed meats, severely increases their risk of developing those diseases listed above and a shortened longevity.

Slow down aging

The ends of our chromosomes, named telomeres, become shorter as we grow older.

The shorter the telomeres, the more prone we are to develop diseases.

The old thinking that we could not do anything about this “natural process” has been found by new scientific studies to be inaccurate.

With healthy lifestyle and positive behavioral changes, we can increase the length of the telomeres.

This includes healthful diet and exercise, which have been shown to protect the telomeres, and actually slow down aging at the cellular level.

Pre-emptive strategies

On top of starting healthy lifestyle in the womb and dieting beginning in the crib, I have presented practical tips and pointers and pre-emptive and pro-active strategies we can do to maintain health and well-being and maximize longevity.

The old adage that says an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure is pure words of wisdom, especially when one becomes ill.

It is, indeed, foolish on anyone’s part not to heed health advices that are scientifically tested and proven effective.

Why suffer obesity, diabetes, heart, attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s, etc., and especially cancer, if we could prevent them, as pointed out in this health book?

What is inexcusable is the fact that the solution to our health problems of today has always been staring us in the eyes, and embodied in that cliché we stated above: prevention!

But the early timing is essential in the protection and preservation of the integrity of the DNA.

If shielded from damage, the healthy DNA will prevent diseases, including cancer.

All we need is to learn how to achieve this from “ground zero,” which we emphasized in this health guide as the best strategy in pre-empting diseases.

Almost all diseases known to man are self-induced or self-inflicted, and are, therefore, preventable.

Somehow, unwittingly, many of us have programmed ourselves in the self-destruct and slow-suicide mode.

This passive surrender to the “whatever-will-be-will-be” attitude is defeatist and against the natural law of survival.

If we want to win in the race of battling and preventing diseases, we must join in at the starting line, and not in the middle, where catching up is mostly impossible.

This is the reason why we suggest “entering the race” at the cellular level “in the womb, in the crib,” to be able to fully protect the DNA from any harm, no matter how subtle.

Our future, as far as health and longevity and all other facets in life are concerned, is realistically within our control to a great extent.

Even the ability to protect our DNA.

All we have to do is to open our mind, and realize and accept the natural and physiologic facts, which have been proven by scientific studies.

After all, our life actually depends on our DNA.


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