WHAT causes pain and tenderness in the testicles?

One of the commonest cause of pain in the testes is epididymitis, an inflammation and swelling cause by infection.

Trauma can cause the same type of pain.

If the pains persist for more than three days, with or without a lump, medical consultation should be sought to rule out more serious conditions like sexually transmitted venereal disease, or cancer.

Bacterial infections can easily be treated with oral antibiotics, pain pills and warm sitz baths.

The predisposing or precipitating factor, if known, like poor hygiene, etc., should be eliminated to prevent recurrences.

¶ I heard drinking one’s own urine is good for health. Is this true?

With so many beverages around, with a variety of flavors and color, especially healthy fruit juices (and the great anti-oxidants in them), I would rather not drink my urine.

In the olden times, urine therapy was a practice, believing it was efficacious and safe.

There is no proof whatsoever that one’s own urine has medicinal value and safe to ingest.

This is not a healthy practice.

(Swallowing one’s own saliva, to clear the mouth, is an exception.)

Let us stick to modern drugs and to some proven alternative medicines.

If our body is eliminating this waste (urine) material, it only means our system wants to get rid of it.

Let us not put it back into our body.

It is just plain common sense.

¶ Does hair coloring cause cancer?

In the United States a couple of decades ago, hair coloring was suspected to increase the risk of the development of lymphoma, a form of cancer of the lymph gland system.

Recent reports from the scientific community revealed that there was no evidence that hair dye causes cancer.

The studies did not include hair dyes manufactured outside of the U.S., which could contain different dyes and additives.

¶ Is egg white healthy to eat?

Yes, egg white is, but not the egg yolk (yellow center).

Egg white has B-complex and riboflavin (B-2), and no cholesterol.

It is poor in Vitamin C and calcium. Egg yolk has iron, some thiamine (B1), riboflavin, and niacin (B-3), Vitamins A, D, E, B6 and B-12.

However, it contains a lot of cholesterol, which is bad for our heart and blood vessels.

A large egg has about 252 mg of cholesterol and the maximum recommended cholesterol intake is (no higher than) 300 mg per day.

That is why if one has to eat eggs at all, it is best to eat only the white part of it, and preferably not fried.

Abstinence from eggs is healthier for us, because there is already too much cholesterol in our “normal” diet.

¶ Is it safe to have sex with my wife who is seven months pregnant?

Generally, yes it is safe, with some modification in the coital position, unless there was a problem during the pregnancy.

The best is to consult with your obstetrician, who is versed with your wife’s medical history and condition.

There are other factors to consider.

¶ My dad had blindness of one eye for a few seconds. Why?

Amaurosis Fugax, transient blindness of one eye because of blocked carotid (neck) artery going to the brain, is a possibility.

Tiny clots in the tight area of the artery could also dislodge and go to the artery of the eye or the brain to cause this visual problem or even a stroke.

Whether it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as temporary weakness of the opposite arm/leg, slurred speech, the onset of blindness, no matter how transient it was, is a serious matter.

Permanent stroke might well follow this warning sign.

At least a doppler ultrasound test of the carotid arteries on both sides of the neck should be done.

The best is for your father to see his physician before a catastrophe occurs.

¶ Will my genes protect me from diseases?

Your good genes certainly have an advantage over those with bad genes.

But our genes, no matter how good their sources are, will not protect us, if we abuse ourselves and allow environmental factors to hurt our body and cause disease.

It is a well known medical fact that environmental risks many times outweigh positive hereditary traits.

You are lucky to have parents like yours, but this does not automatically guarantee you good health and longevity.

What will eventually happen to us tomorrow will mostly be due to what we do to ourselves today.

¶ Is formula (bottle) feeding good for the baby?

Bottle-feeding babies is good and an accepted practice, especially in the west.

However, breast-feeding is better and, as a matter of fact, the best for the baby and the mother.

Breast-feeding confers on the baby immunity from certain diseases.

The mother’s milk has the perfect natural proportion of constituents for better absorption and digestion and, in 99.999% of cases, does not cause allergy.

It is inexpensive, always available wherever the mother and the baby are, and does not entail much time to prepare compared to bottle-feeding.

It even makes maternal-child bonding stronger.

Some “modern” mothers may feel this is less convenient, but formula-feeding is severely outweighed by the tremendous advantages of breast-feeding for the baby.

The starting trend today, even in the United States, is towards the good old time natural breast-feeding.

¶ I have painful heels. What causes this?

Painful heels are usually due to plantar fasciitis (some precipitated by bony spurs in the heels), brought on by repeated trauma of weight-bearing and jarring.

Those who walk “military style” with the heels pounding against the floor are prone to develop this condition.

The pains could be so intolerable as to make one limp or unable to walk, especially early in the morning.

Treatment usually starts with a trial of pain/anti-inflammatory medications, heel or arch support (depending on the foot anatomy), and a change in the style of walking (touching the floor with the forefoot first, and not with the heel).

The severe cases might require injection of steroid and anesthetic agent directly into the heel.


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