Can high blood pressure be cured?

No, hypertension (high blood pressure) has no cure.

Once a person has developed hypertension, he/she has it for life.

The closest thing to a cure among these patients are those whose hypertension is diagnosed early and so mild that diet and exercise alone, without medications, control the blood pressure to normal level.

For the rest, there is a treatment that is very effective, using pills, low-salt diet, weight control and exercise.

Normalization of the blood pressure level does not mean the disease is cured and the treatment may be discontinued.

The resultant normal blood pressure only means the treatment is effective.

The management for hypertension is for life, to avoid heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

How can I minimize bacteria in my kitchen?

Bacterial contamination is found in every kitchen, no exception.

If a culture test is done on chopping boards, kitchen sink, counters, etc., the examination will surely show bacteria and even fungi.

This is to be expected in any place where meat and other food items are prepared.

Using the various chemical sprays, containing chlorine or Lysol, etc., are not really safe.

Even aerosols to “deodorize” rooms or cars are dangerous to health and contribute to environmental (air) pollution.

The best way to clean your kitchen is the old fashion way, to wash it well with soap and water after each use and, if desired, apply alcohol once a week or so, followed by water rinse about 10 minutes after application.

Non-metal sponges, brushes, etc., used for washing dishes and pots and pans must be washed thoroughly and microwave for two minutes once a week, and discarded within a month.

Proper garbage disposal is most important and frequent hand washing is fundamental in minimizing gastro-intestinal and other infections.

Why are soft drinks unhealthy?

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar, which makes it unhealthy.

And even those which are diet (zero-calorie) or caffeine-free soft drinks are deleterious to health in the long run.

All soft drinks, all the varieties available today, when regularly or frequently consumed, have been associated with the increased risk for the development of metabolic syndrome.

This condition includes diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

Clean filtered water is the healthiest universal drink, even better (for those watching their weight) than fruit juices, which are also high in sugar content.

Water flushes out toxins from our body, through the kidneys.

Drinking at least eight glasses of filtered water every day confers great health benefits to our body physiology more than we realize.

Why am I always tired?

This is a very common complaint.

When one is working the whole day without rest, it is normal to feel tired.

But the fatigue goes away after resting.

If a person is simply tired all the time, it could be due to a variety of reasons, like anemia, lack of exercise, endocrine problem, unresolved conflict, depression, too much caffeine or alcohol, and possible subtle underlying medical condition.

If one has normal bowel movements daily, and is eating, sleeping, walking, breathing normally, the constant fatigue could be due to lack of exercise.

But the prudent action to take when the situation is not getting better with lifestyle modification is to seek medical consultation, just to play it safe.

Can aspirin really ward off heart attack?

As we have stated in this column before, aspirin is a mild blood thinner that prevents blood clot from totally blocking a narrowed heart (coronary) arteries.

When one is having pains due to an impending heart attack, it means the coronary artery is more than 90 percent blocked and not allowing enough blood supply to the heart muscles.

When this situation happens, taking a tablet of regular aspirin (325 mg) or four mini-dose (81 mg) aspirin tablets, will thin the blood to prevent formation of blood clot that would finally make the obstruction 100 percent and fatal.

This will bide time and allow the patient to go to the emergency room.

This small window of opportunity is so vital it can spell the difference between life and death.

Yes, kept open with the use of a simple, common household remedy called aspirin.

That’s why I carry a few tablets in my person at all times.

But aspirin is not for everyone, so please check with your physician if this is right for you.

Are fruits safe for diabetics?

Yes, as long as they are included in your calorie count for the day.

Fruits and fruit juices have a lot of sugar in them, and should be consumed by diabetics, or those who are watching their weight, in moderation.

To maintain the total daily calories in the prescribed diabetic diet, the calories from the added fruits (juices or other added foods) must be subtracted from it, and the equivalent food in the diet for that day be eliminated.

The total calorie intake will therefore still be within the prescribed diabetic diet.

Discipline is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, in dealing with any condition, especially among individuals with diabetes.


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