THERE is no truth to the rumor that “With All My Love,” the theme of the April 10 concert of popular and acclaimed soprano Kay Habana, here in New York City, is dedicated to me.


Seriously, after her much talked-about and widely-publicized concert at Carnegie Hall in 2014, Kay continued her love and passion for music.

On April 10, she will be the featured soloist of a concert to be held at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in 25 Carmine Street, New York City at 7:30 p.m.

The forthcoming musical event is a modest classical concert with a repertoire of songs in different languages to cater to a multi-cultural audience.

Most of these songs have never been sung by Ms. Habana in the tri-state audience.

Tickets are available online at


I read a heartfelt blog written by a familiar name in the New York-New Jersey social media community.

Writer is Jen Furer (pictured above), my Facebook friend, who answers questions and comments as fast as I send them.

Jen is also an author, poet, TV host (“Makilala” or what I call “Magaganda TV”).

Nowadays, she focuses on “exercise, nutritional and lifestyle strategies that promote vitality and youthfulness.”

Jen shares the details about her happy, simple life at

I’d like to share with readers her latest blog.

Please read and feel the heart of the author as I did.

Many of you may relate to Jen’s story.

“As I prepared to fly halfway across the globe, I sensed a burnt candle. In my heart I believed it was a message from Heaven, from my Dad.

“My family and I celebrated Dad’s birthdate here on earth by doing what my Dad loved to do: make my Mom smile, take her to new places surrounded by flowers and marvel on the beauty of nature.

“It would have been a perfect surprise if the U.S. Embassy in Manila replied to our inquiries about her pending immigrant petition. (Come on U.S., it’s been almost two decades already!)

“Nevertheless, the brief “family reunion” was filled with laughter, love, and souldeep adventure (which I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks).

“So I guess the candle scent I sensed was Dad’s way of letting me know that he’s smiling in Heaven...

“Persistence (yes, never give up), believe in God, and family first — those were values Dad taught us, his priceless legacy.

“In my almost 52 years of existence, my recent trip to the Philippines was the first ever Mom-and-Daughter duo adventure.

“Each day I said my gratitude because I felt truly blessed to have a very supportive husband and family.

“One of last unplanned souldeep adventure my Mom and I did was to watch, ‘Miracles from Heaven.’

“I had seen the movie’s trailer last year and added it to my wish list. In fact, I scheduled to watch it with my dear friend when I get back home.

“‘Miracles from Heaven’ is major tear-jerker movie about family, faith and miracles. My family had been through a lot of challenges and I had questioned God at times, so it was no surprise that I cried from beginning until the end even though I had already read the book.

“These are two of my favorite quotes from the movie:

“‘It’s OK mom, not everyone is gonna believe. They’ll get there when they get there.’ - Anna Beam

“‘Miracles are everywhere. Miracles are love. Miracles are God, and God is forgiveness.’ - Christy Beam

“Watching the movie was in itself a miracle. It strengthened my faith (thank you Anna Beam) and reminded me to not give up.

“My mom loved the movie that she wished she can get the book to read — so we searched for a bookstore and we found the book! (I haven’t seen Mom read a book in a very long time!)

“When we got home that day, she already read the first chapter, and I noticed my nephew was reading it, too.

“There are quite a few things on my wish list but there’s one closest to my heart. For my family to be together again and I believe that this year will be another year of miracles.

“What about you?

“Have you witnessed a miracle?”

End of blog.

I admire Jen’s simple writing style and ability to rend the reader’s heart intermittently.

Oh, yes, for moms, I want to share with them Jen’s forceful definition of motherhood.

She said, “Motherhood. It’s not job. It’s a gift. It’s a Happy, Simple Life.”

Before I leave Ms. Furer, she mentioned in one of her commentaries in FB that she asked taxi and jeepney drivers while she was in Manila who those people are leaning to vote for and majority answered Duterte, the Davao mayor, who pledged to eliminate crimes from the face of the Philippines in three months from day one of his presidency.

I thought crimes had been around since the days of the crucified Jesus Christ.

If Duterte wins and delivers his Herculean promise that would be the answer to Jen’s ending question about witnessing a miracle.


Ria Serrano with the author, Manny Caballero.

Birthday greeting


I’d like to greet a well-known personality in our community, who is a special friend.

She is Ria Serrano.

It’s Ria’s birthday this week.

Like I said in Facebook, Ria has grown way ahead of her years.

One reason why she is liked by many in the community, including this writer.

Happy Birthday Ria!


We rested from political topics this week.

We shall continue next week with our political analyses and stories as the May 9 presidential elections in the native country approaches.

In the U.S. primaries, the two warring Republican candidates, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, are unwittingly helping the Democratic Party, as their style of gutter politics may alienate their own voters within the party and switch in disgust.

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