THIS is our last issue prior to the May 9 elections in the native country.

By the time this issue reaches you, tapos na ang boxing sa Pilipinas.

If it will be a fairly clean elections, we will stick to our forecast.

Mayor Rody Duterte will be the next President of the Philippines.

And Sen. Bongbong Marcos will replace Jojo Binay as Vice President.

However, it does not mean the other candidates could only win if they will cheat.


We base our prediction on latest surveys and on our own survey that we conducted in the Visayas and Mindanao regions the past week.

We asked our Facebook friends in those regions who they (them and their family and friends) will be voting for president and vice president?

The replies I received back for president was virtually 8:2.

Eight for Duterte and 2 for others.

For vice president, the ratio in favor of Sen. Bongbong was even larger.

I was told by an Ilonggo that for the first time, the Ilonggos in Mindanao will vote for an Ilocano (Marcos).

Today’s (Wednesday, May 4) endorsement by the 2.25 million Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) in favor of Duterte and Marcos will certainly help boost their chances of victory.

INC is notorious for endorsing candidates after conducting their own survey.

Naturally, they will endorse those who are winning according to their people around the country, who are voters themselves.

The mind of Duterte

Assuming I’m correct in my forecast, I’d like to ask some questions about Mr. Duterte.

And, I’ll try to answer them.

Did Mr. Duterte really mean what he said during the course of the campaign?

I think so.

Would he be a constitutional authoritarian leader?

I think so.

I think he will continue to be fond of the opposite gender while in office as President.

But, could he, now that he is surrounded by vigilant members of society, like Gabriela, and the Bishops.

Unlike in Davao where he is “King,” it’s a different ball game now.

I think he will really kill criminals.

But, could he continue doing it without being responsible to the law?

Or the human rights groups?

Or Amnesty International?

Or the CBCP?

Or the U.S. Government?

I think he will dissolve Congress if he is given a hard time by its members.

But, how could he do it without using his emergency powers under the Constitution?

What justification?

Because Congress is blocking his sponsored measures?

I think he will think 10 times before sharing power with the Communist Party of the Philippines.

He might not be able to finish his term.

He may be ousted by the traditionally rightist army in a coup d’etat.

I think he will have occasional altercation with the Bishops of the Catholic Church.

He will be close to INC and to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, his close friend and defender.

The Catholic Church may have to step aside under a Duterte presidency.

I think a President Duterte would be interesting to the Americans until November because of the comparison with Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican Party candidate for president, which observers have made.

But, before taking his oath as President, I think Mr. Duterte should clear the so-called huge bank deposits in his name.

If true, did those funds come from legitimate sources?

He owed the Filipino people, who voted him to office, an explanation as to where those monies came from.  

Did you hear the lengthy lecture of Pastor Quiboloy, where he explained to over 1 million people who have listened to him in Facebook, that the problems of the Philippines are crimes, drugs and corruption, and not the mouth of Mr. Duterte.

Apparently responding to his fellow Mindanaoan, respected lawyer and columnist Homobono Adaza wrote why he could not support Mr. Duterte.

He said: “Because what comes out of his mouth habitually is an insult to human intelligence, a scandal for Filipinos, a total denigration of democracy and the human condition, and an absolute rejection of the basic value of the inviolable character of the human person, and an absolute denial of simple moral rules. It is not just filth in and from the mouth; it’s a confirmation of a sick mind and a diseased heart.”

A psychologist once said that the pattern of behavior of a person is constant from birth to death.

Now that he has been uprooted from his city-state in Davao where he was King, and moved to the area of the big leagues, we will see how Mr. Duterte will handle the pressures of the presidency.

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