PINOYS in New Jersey and New York under 40, (one of them is already 40...Joke), were quite busy during the Memorial Day Weekend.

If you are new in the block, or if you are not a Pinoy, the word “Pinoy” was coined to shorten Pilipino.

But Pinoy applies only to Filipinos outside the Philippines. It is not used to refer to Filipinos living in the native country.

Businessman Gerry picked up the term early on and named his stores around New Jersey “American Pinoy,” which actually means Filipino-American, the official name of Pinoys in America.

Then, six years ago, the boys and girls around President Benigno Aquino III coined another similar sounding word, PNoy, which was a shortened version of President Noy.

The disciples of Santo Rodrigo, during the campaign had already popularized DU30, as shortened version of their idol’s last name.  

How about Kalibre 45?

After all, that’s his favorite.

I thought ballots, not bullets, make a peaceful community.

To Mr. DU30, it’s both.

That was a long introduction to last weekend.

Let’s do it in chronological order starting from Memorial Day, going back.

Loren San Diego’s “Jersey City Bike Tour” set on Memorial Day (Monday) was postponed to June 11 due to the forecast of bad weather that never became bad anyway.

Before Al Gore introduced climate change, weather forecasters could predict accurately to the exact minute the time the first drops of rain will fall.

Not anymore.

Either the forecasters’ ability to predict has deteriorated, or there was a big change in the predictability of weather.

We know the answer as far as the Republicans in Congress are concerned.

They don’t believe in climate change.

Mabuti pa si Ambassador Cuisia.

He is a believer of climate change, like Pope Francis.

In his farewell speech before Pinoys in the Washington, D.C. area, he urged the various associations to pay attention to climate change in their projects.

Loren unilaterally organized the bike tour in Facebook, which will start at Liberty State Park and wind up at the George Washington Bridge.

Many under 40s have responded favorably.

It is a tour, not a race, according to Loren.

Interested cyclists may still join.

Contact Loren in FB.



Songspell Philippines

Moving back to Sunday, May 29, it was the culmination of hard work for another superwoman in the community, Ria Serrano, President of Air Entertainment, and her co-producer of the group from the Republic of Duterte (Davao City) called Songspell Philippines, the passionate Pinoy musical artist, Miguel Braganza II, formerly cast of “Miss Saigon” in Broadway.

After laboring hard for months, the 38-member Songspell, composed mostly of musically talented young boys and girls, demonstrated before some 250 people in the audience, most of them Pinoys, some of the colorful native Filipino costumes and songs, as well as OPMs.

For almost three hours, the audience witnessed a versatile group of upcoming singers and dancers.

The choreography of Songspell was brilliant.

The final number brought tears of joy and nostalgia to many as the group started to sing the final stanza of Lupang Hinirang and a boy in Katipunero attire showed up and ran around the stage waving a Philippine flag.

Doc Alice Almendral, one of the show sponsors, and emerging patron of local Filipino artists, sent us this post-show comment, “I wish more cultural groups will be brought to this country to expose young Filipino-Americans to Philippine culture.”


Touching final number.


Santacruzan 5K 2016

Earlier that Sunday morning, Amira Allahh, another under 40 superwoman in the community, together with her friends J Ariel Q Aggabao and Blue Sevilla presided over the successful 2nd Santacruzan 5K in Downtown, Jersey City.

My race-runner daughter MC from Las Vegas who happened to be in town ran the race and clocked 24 minutes plus.

Around 100 participated in the morning race.

In the afternoon, the Santacruzan or procession of reynas and zagalas took place.

This Filipino practice in the month of May has been going on in Jersey City for almost two decades now around the Manila Avenue area in Downtown.

These talks of superwomen will not be complete if I don’t mention Tata Kay Habana.

She said beneath her thinness are strong bones.

I told her I don’t believe.

What I believe is her voice and her singing and her ability to make people come to her concerts.

5K finisher MC (left) and Amira Allahh.


Upcoming parades

This is also the season of parades.

The Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI), in cooperation with the Philippine Consulate General in New York, will hold the 26th Annual Parade in New York City on Sunday, June 5, along Madison Avenue (38th to 25th Streets) starting at noon.

This is the 118th Philippine Independence when Filipinos won independence from Spain.

There will be street fair and cultural festival after the parade in 25th Street.

The celebration will culminate with an Independence Ball on Friday, June 10, at 7:30 p.m., at the Teaneck Marriott in Teaneck, N.J.

On Sunday, June 26, PAFCOM will hold its annual parade and festival in Jersey City, N.J.

The celebration observes the 70th year friendship between the Philippines and the United States.

In both parades, known actors from Manila will participate.  

Come on down, folks!

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