The Villasin-Nucum Family.

DAY 20 and 21 of 22.

“I accepted the challenge from the beautiful Mary Rolls Ruela and am knocking out push-ups in an attempt to raise awareness to the fact that on average, 22 American veterans commit suicide each day.”

(Researchers found a total of 147,763 suicides in 21 states over the 13 years examined. Veterans were identified in 22 percent of those deaths.)

We are referring to Filipina-American Moppet Villasin Nucum of New Jersey.

She is a Jaycees North Jersey member.

She is a nurse in a Morristown hospital for 15 years.

Moppet on Day 18.

In order to raise public awareness on the plight of the veterans, who, reportedly commit suicide at an approximate rate of 22 a day, Moppet accepted the challenge by a friend to do 22 push-ups at a time, daily for 22 consecutive days.

Part of the challenge is to take a video of the push-ups everyday and post it in social media for public awareness.

Moppet did that every day for 22 days.

(BTW, did you know “moppet” is a colloquial term of endearment which refers to little child? Certainly, we don’t have a little child here. We have a caring, concerned and persevering adult.)

Moppet continues, “Today I challenge ________. If you accept, copy and paste this to each video. Everyone has a purpose! Continue to find the emotional and physical strength you never thought existed! Please spread the word that veteran suicide is not the answer. A new video will be posted each day for the next bunch of days, each with someone new being challenged.”

Moppet on Day 21 with daughter Kaila.

HOW THE CHALLENGE WORKS: - She explains the mechanics, “Film yourself executing 22 push-ups to your ability level. - Post the video to Facebook and other social media using the hashtags above. - Tally your push-ups (i.e., a group of four people in the video doing push-ups would look like this

“Call out your friends, family, Battle Buddies...The POTUS, anyone...the sky is the limit. The goal is to raise awareness for our Service Members who are battling this demon.
“The organizations at the links below are raising the bar in creating a culture that our Veterans know their sacrifice was not in vain. To participate, visit

“Share in this noble cause. This organization promotes Veteran Entrepreneurship. Help spread the word AND YES...AFTER THE VETS DO WHAT THEY DO FOR US...Raising awareness is the least we can do.”

Moppet on Day 22 with Mary Rols Ruela, her challenger, and daughter.

At this writing, some of Moppet’s friends have accepted her challenge and are doing the daily push-ups.


Community activities up as summer begins

The title is actually a misnomer.

Even before the onset of summer, Filipino community events have been going on around the Northeast.  
To me, these well-attended activities are positive signs of a healthy and vibrant Filipino-American lifestyles in our area.

On June 26, the PAFCOM Parade will be held in Jersey City.

On June 12, three simultaneous community activities were noted.

An Independence Day luncheon and, at the same time, farewell gathering of Filipinos for outgoing Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. and Consul General Mario L. de Leon, Jr. in New York City.

Also on June 12, the Jersey City Chapter of the global CFC ANCOP group held a flea market.

The purpose was to raise funds for CFC ANCOP NJ scholarship program for the poor.

The project was able to raise enough money to send two poor scholars to school for a year.

On the same day, the Philippine Day Organizing Council (PDOC) in Passaic held their annual parade.  



We wish to greet two friends and my daughter MC (pictured above).

It will be MC’s birthday on the 26th.

Happy Birthday, Maria!

On June 22, it was the birthday of Luz Sapin Micabalo, the passionate community leader.

A former New York resident, Luz presided over the observance of the Philippine Centennial in New York City in 1998.

She now lives with her husband Mike in Las Vegas.

Belated Happy Birthday, Luz.

Our other celebrant on June 28 is my sister in CFC, Anilyn Pitao of Jersey City.

Originally from Masbate, Anilyn is a former scholar in college in the Philippines.

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