U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

YES, all are not well in the camp of candidate Donald Trump in the West and in the young administration of Uncle Digong Duterte.

Let’s begin with Trump.

“It is fair to call Donald Trump a divisive character.”

This was the opening line of Time magazine’s story this week about a Resolution in Philippine Congress titled, “RESOLUTION BANNING DONALD J. TRUMP FROM ENTERING THE PHILIPPINES FOR BEING INIMICAL TO THE NATIONAL INTEREST.”

Above Resolution was filed by Rep. Joey Salceda of Albay after candidate Donald Trump lumped the Philippines with other authentic terror states in a speech earlier this week in Portland, Maine.

He proposed banning Filipinos from immigrating to the U.S. because of the few bad Muslims living in the southern corner of the country.

Apparently, this candidate is ignorant that around 90 percent of Filipinos are Christians.

Trump also reportedly branded Filipinos as animals in the same speech!

As a Filipino-American, I am incensed by the ugly, inappropriate and offensive remarks. I’m proud of the Filipino race I came from.

That’s one towering reason why I write for this newspaper.

(Perhaps, there’s one or two Pinoys who yell at women, like Mr. Dumbie yells in his speeches. Right, Cristina?)

Although it is still early to make a prediction, if Trump continues to self-destruct as he has been doing, I don’t think he could win in November.

In fact, many in this country wonder how a bigot like Trump could face the Americans, yell to them his anti-American creeds and beliefs, and at the same time allowed to run for president of the United States, a country known for being the cradle of tolerance.

Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. is one of those wondering.

He said in a Private Message to me Wednesday, “It’s unbelievable to me that he is as close as he is to the presidency.”

Well, even Mr. Trump’s seasoned and senior colleagues in the Republican Party, as we know, are questioning his readiness to be commander-in-chief of the United States.

Fifty former top Republican national security officials in a letter to the editor published last Monday in The Washington Post and The New York Times, warned that if elected, Donald Trump will be the “most reckless president in American history.”

They also think Mr. Trump could be “a dangerous president and would put at risk America’s national security and well-being.”

Having come from 50 highly-responsible Americans, this is something every potential Trump supporter should ponder.

Going back to what Mr. Trump said about Filipinos, I would say that one beauty of democracy is that as long as one does not violate the law, one is free to be ignorant, even to be stupid.  

And same myopic person could even run for the highest position in his country.

Unlike Filipino-American Rolando Lavarro, Jr. who is ready to be mayor of Jersey City, Donald Trump, in our belief, is not ready to be president of the United States.

We sincerely believe it is for the best interests of America for Donald Trump to withdraw from the U.S. presidential race while it’s early.


President Rodrigo Duterte.

Not all is well with Duterte’s anti-drug campaign

With all the pleasant and unpleasant news that kept coming in this week from Manila, the  ever increasing number of reported killings of suspected drug-traffickers throughout the Philippines has put the anti-drug campaign of Uncle Digong under the watchful eyes of international media, the U.S. Government and the UN affiliated Human Rights Groups.

The latest tally of deaths of suspected drug users and/or traffickers, according to ABS-CBN, was 852, of whom, 525 were killed during police operations, while 327 were gunned down by unidentified gunmen.

The State Department summoned the Charge d’Affaires at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. earlier this week for two reasons.

One: to remind the Duterte Administration that the Philippines is a country of laws and not of men.

That due process must be observed in its campaign to eradicate drugs and drug traffickers.

Two: to clarify the offensive remarks made by President Duterte about the ambassador of the U.S. to the Philippines whom Uncle Digong, in a speech in Davao, reportedly branded Ambassador Philip Goldberg as “bakla” (gay) and “SOB.”

(It is kind of weird that with big issues like this one and the China issue, the Philippines does not have an ambassador in D.C. Ambassador Cuisia’s term ended on June 30. He went home already. No replacement had been named.)

This week, the influential New York Times and The Washington Post published a powerful picture of a wife hugging her dead husband who was shot by unidentified gunmen in a Manila street.

A story about the Duterte campaign and the killings associated with it was also published.

On Aug. 3, The Daily Telegraph of London ran a story about some 300 anti-narcotics and human rights groups around the world urging the United Nations to condemn the rise of killings in Manila.

The Duterte Administration, despite its skillful spin doctors, should heed all of the above.

It’s just the beginning of negative publicity worldwide.

This was also how the world reacted to the reported abuses and salvages during the martial law years under dictator Marcos.  

We feel that all Mr. Duterte needs to do is lift his kill order to the police and military.

Instead, he should issue arrest order without emphasis on shooting.

This should stop other forms of killings attributed to vigilante groups and unknown gunmen.

Then, start the rehabilitation program of drug addicts using military camps as mentioned in the President’s State of the Nation Address last month.


Big joke

I received a PM in my Facebook from a lady FB friend with this message, “I forgot who I kissed last night.”

I replied, “I remember having kissed a lady last night, I just can’t recall who she was.”

When I toggled down, right below the exchanges, I saw an updated profile picture of the beauteous Tenette Juarez Lirio, 2016 Mrs. PAFCOM.

I got nervous.

I really thought she sent the above message.

But, no.

Hers is a different PM box pala.

I want to end this with “Sayang!” (no equivalent English word; ask your closest Pinoy neighbor for meaning...Lol!), but I won’t.

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