Star singer Angel Ram with the author (Manny Caballero).

A Facebook Pinay friend asked the other day whether anyone out there knows if there is a Rulers’ Book for Dummies?

I commented there maybe rulers who are dummies, but not dummies’ book for rulers.

Interpretation of the above: no further interpretation.


(What I’m looking for is Dummy’s Book for Lovers.)

In Manila nowadays, it is fashionable to have an interpreter after talking.

The interpreter “speaks” for the “talker” the day after the latter does the talking.

We know the difference between talk and speak, right?

Talk is empty, incoherent or inconsistent, or all of the above.

Speak clarifies the “ought to be” meaning of the inconsistent talk.

Oftentimes, the opposite.

Sometimes, the interpreter wishes to satisfy the ego of the talker, so, he himself does some talking and lessens the speak aspect in the process.

Do you follow?

It can be weird as it is weird.

But, that’s how it is now in Manila.

In fact, one of the speakers, also referred to as spinner or “quack doctor,” flew to New York to explain his work.

I don’t know why he had to travel 13,000 miles to do that.

Well, he had seven people in the audience.

I was told, eight, including the departing Consul General in New York.

That’s an expensive explanation process by the chief interpreter.

In so doing, apparently, the other interpreter who was left behind in Manila got envious.

He made up quack talk himself that there were Filipinos in New York hatching the ouster of the talking Boss next January!

That the tip supposedly came from a fellow cabinet member who was in New York who heard the story from someone who, in turn, allegedly overheard the plot from a group of New Yorken Pinoys.

And the quack doctor broadcast his three-tier tip over DZRH in Manila raw as it was.

I was asking myself, because I was 3,000 miles away from New York at that time, who could be the brave Pinoys?

Could my fave Cristina Dc Pastor be one of them?

Of course not!

Because there was no truth to the ouster rumor, in spite of the classroom lecture that there is a bit of truth in every rumor.

(I’d like to dig into the bit of truth to the rumor I heard the other day.)

But, Cristina was almost kept in the dark about the press con!

Thanks to her investigative reporting talent.

Nabuwisit yata si Cristina, hayun, she is cooling off thousands of miles away.

Miss ko tuloy.


Let’s speak of the talker.

U.S. historian Henry Adams said that a President resembles the commander of a ship at sea.

He must have a helm to grasp, a course to steer, a port to seek.

Clark M. Clifford, presidential assistant to Harry Truman and then Secretary of Defense, made the observation that the character of the President colors his entire administration.

If the President is “colorful,” so are his spin doctors?

What if the President is a psychopath as claimed by my favorite, respected, brave and bright actress Agot Isidro?

Lagot na si Agot?


Mabuhay ikaw Agot!

Let’s dwell into this a little.

Let’s define the term first.

Psychopath, according to Webster’s, is a mentally unstable person, especially one who exhibits anti-social (also anti-American?) behavior.

But, there is more to it.

Ask the Regional Trial Court Judge who presided and decided over the case of Simmerman vs. Duterte in 2000.

You will learn more about what psychopathy (not pathic) is.

What if indeed, the Philippine President is a psychopath as declared in alleged court records and as claimed by my favorite actress Agot Isidro?

Does it mean we have been unkind and inconsiderate to a sick person all along, each time in the past that we criticized the seemingly weird pronouncements, including his curses and angry language since those were his normal?

Assuming without granting, what now is the recourse of the Filipino people under the laws?

My former ambassador friend said to wait for six years.

My other lawyer friend said to wait for what he will do.

I say, whichever, comes first.

I guess Winston Churchill’s 1939 quote about Russia applies to the Philippines today.

Under President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”  
Or better yet, a riddle wrapped inside an adobo taco.



Those two singers, both well-educated in the Philippines, one is from UP, the other from Ateneo, are doing well in their singing career in New York.

Because both are good.

We wish them more engagements and successes while they work for their long-term and real careers in the U.S.

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