POPE Francis (pictured above) gave an advice to American voters to study the proposals, pray and decide.

My comments: I’m a Catholic.

I’m pro-life.

Some say Catholics should vote for the alternative candidate over the pro-choice candidate.

(Even if the alternative is only a belated pro-life by convenience?)

But, the presidency of the United States is not only about being pro-life.

It is also about alleviating the conditions of the poor everywhere; improving the economy; promoting peace and order inside and outside the country; embracing measures to fight climate change and to respect men, women and gays; conducting a friendly foreign policy that is in line with the national interests of Americans, and educating the young people according to financial capability either in affordable or free manner, etc., etc.

Being pro-life is according dignity to every life, to every individual, documented or undocumented, not arresting and separating them from their children by deportation.

Treat them with dignity so they could continue to become useful members of society and could even become good Catholics.

Christians can always pray for conversion, and hope there will be change of heart.

Metanoia is fundamental to the teaching of Christ.

It is a change of heart from sin to the practice of virtue.

Some of our saints underwent this process as they left paranoia behind.

We can do the same as we decide who to vote for in this election.

Considering all of the above, I have decided to vote for Hillary Clinton.

I think she is more presidential in terms of experience, temperament and, above all, intelligence as I saw in the last three debates and months of campaigning.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during their third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas on  Oct. 19.  (AP photo)

The final debate

Except for two issues brought up by Secretary Clinton during the third presidential debate last Wednesday evening, we are already familiar with the other issues discussed.

Those two were: the involvement of Russian espionage in U.S. elections; and the apparent pattern of divisiveness and violence on the part of Mrs. Clinton’s opponent.

In fact, at the end of one AOL news item about Donald Trump, was an editor’s note which read: “Donald Trump regularly incites political violence,...rampant xenophobe, misogynist, racist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.”

The New York Times had the following as part of its editorial on the debate:

“In saying he was not sure if he’d support the election results, Mr. Trump added another reason he is not qualified to be president.
“Donald Trump turned in the third and final presidential debate, from insulting the intelligence of the American voter to insulting American democracy itself.”


There is a saying which goes, “Better one word before than two after.”

Speaking of words, it is also said “the more words, the less wisdom.”

Above sayings apply to President Rodrigo “Narcissus” Duterte.

Before enplaning for Brunei on his way to China, Mr. Duterte, in his not surprising anymore narcissistic way of talking, said he was not going to cut ties with the U.S.

Then, in Beijing, he said he was cutting ties with the U.S.

And he was reported saying from Beijing, “Russia, Philippines, China against the world.”

(To a normal president, that statement is weird and not well thought of and might not even be uttered. To a president with a mental problem, in our opinion, that pronouncement is “normal” and can be expected.)

This president has lost credibility to us.

He will say one word today.

Then, his quack doctor will interpret the opposite way, either the same day or the next day.

The following day, the President has different word again about same subject he said two days before.

It seems his only consistency is his being inconsistent.


Ethel Cantor Constantino

If you want consistency and clarity in spoken words, listen and watch Ethel Cantor Constantino (pictured above with the author [Manny Caballero]), host and writer of TV magazine “I Am Pinoy, Proud Ako” in Facebook of same title.

She goes on air on weekends.

I’d like to “warn” you, Ethel is so confident and forceful in what she says, that you have to be focused when you are listening to her.

She is a seasoned media person.

She means what she says the first time.

No need for an interpreter.

I’m wondering.

Ethel is also a Davaoena, like the other person I know.

But that other person from Davao keeps on changing his words.

Just one observation, I prefer Ethel’s brownish/black hair (see the picture above) than the black one that she changed her profile photo in her Facebook.

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