From left, Jenjen Furer, Manny Caballero and Rachelle Peraz Ocampo at the recent PACCAL Gala held in New Jersey.

AFTER the China visit of President Rodrigo Duterte and bases his pronouncements while in Beijing (assuming there will be no interpretations and re-interpretations by himself or his quack doctors), my reading of this President’s independent foreign policy is “independent policy dependent on China.”

It is a foreign policy like one of the caricatures posted in Facebook the day after the China visit, where Mr. Duterte walks on a leash like a dog held by China’s President Xi Jinping as both of them reviewed the Chinese honor guard.

Since China qualifies now as the new practitioner of imperialism, Mr. Duterte may also qualify now as a walking dog of Chinese imperialists and comrade-in-arm of Filipino communists whose “ideologue flow,” he admittedly idolize without looking back at unpleasant historical experiences.

As CNN put it in the opening sentence of its Duterte China visit story, “Rodrigo Duterte left no room for doubt about where his allegiance lies.”

Why new imperialists?

Obviously, because of China’s behavior and actions in the West Philippine Sea where they grabbed virtually the entire South China Sea, militarized it and wouldn’t give it back to its legitimate owners, including the Philippines, despite a decision by the United Nations’ Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague that such behavior and actuation violated Public International Law.


We view the path which President Duterte is taking the Philippines as dangerous.

His unilateral decision to kowtow to China (and, perhaps, Russia if he gets formally invited to visit that country), is a victory for the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA), considered terrorist organizations.

In the process, he is risking to lose friendly and close relations with the United States, close partner of the Philippines in South Asia for the past 70 years.

At the same time, it is a setback for the Filipino people with a history of adherence to and life of freedom, liberty and democracy.   

As Filipina-American Amira Allahh posted in her Facebook, addressing Mr. Duterte, “Today, I can’t help but voice out my grief as a Filipino. What is unacceptable is that you are compromising the welfare of our fellow Filipinos and around the globe with your abrupt decision to say that ‘...the three of us-PHILIPPINES, China & Russia are against the world!’”

Well, Amira Anak, maybe, Mr. Duterte also idolizes Frank Sinatra.

And I see nothing wrong with liking the Hoboken-born singer.

What’s wrong and dangerous is, if, because of his mental state, assuming a Philippine regional trial court was correct that he was a confirmed psychopath (nothing wrong either if he were a konsehal and not a president), he may not know what he is doing and the consequences of what he has been saying.

Dr. Joel Ricamora, Ph.D. from Cornell University, said in a published article in Rappler, “We have to stop making excuses for his (Duterte’s) intemperate language. He has to be made to account for what he says. Does he even know the meaning and the repercussions of his anti-U.S. and pro-China statements? Does he realize that the only thing standing in the way of China’s ambitions in Southeast Asia is American military might?”

Another respected opinion-maker in Manila, Atty. Mel Sta. Maria, TV5 resident legal analyst and Dean of FEU Institute of Law, offered the following unsolicited advice to the Philippine President and his evident “obsession” with China, “And so my unsolicited advice to President Duterte: Proceed with caution. Your fascination with China might burn us all like Rizal’s moth, felled by the flames of the oil lamp it so admired, or Icarus whose wings melted because he did not keep distance from the sun and flew too high for his own good. Should our relationship with China prove to be onerously one-sided, it is the Filipino people who will ultimately pay the price, both emotionally and financially.”


First victims of Duterte’s inconsistent anti-American statements

The Filipino drug addicts who want to reform and return as useful members of their communities are the first victims of President Duterte’s inconsistent, contradictory and unnecessary anti-American statements.

The American doctors who have agreed to go to the Philippines with rare American invented machines that will cleanse and heal the affected body organs of the addicts, like liver, are now delaying their decision to go in light of their concern over President Duterte’s anti-American statements while visiting China.

I learned this from Roger Santos, Executive Director of CFC ANCOP USA; and Margaret Lacson Ecarma, Executive Director of Bohol Restoration Group, which are sponsoring the project to be implemented first in Bohol and in Caloocan City.  

In fact, the two had been shown how the machines will work and heal affected vital organs.


Ayyy naku! Inang bansa!

Ano po itong nangyayari?

Bakit ito nangyayari?

Bakit hindi pa magsalita at kumilos ang mga tao sa kanyang paligid?

Pareho-pareho naman silang may malasakit sa bansang Pilipinas.

Ang military organization naman, ang kanilang sinumpaang tungkulin ay ang ipagtanggol ang demokrasya sa Pilipinas.

Komunista po ang Intsik at Russia.

Karibal ng demokrasya.

At sa mga Filipino, may kasabihan po kami sa Bulacan, daig ng maagap ang masipag.

Kaya habang maaga pa ay agapan nyo na.

Baka maunahan kayo ng Intsik at Ruso.



I wish to greet writer and MAKILALA TV host Jenjen Furer, one of the awardees (for Media) during the recent PACCAL Gala held in New Jersey.

Congratulations Jenjen!


Greetings as well to the entire PACCAL organization on its 24th year of existence in the community.

The gala was made lively and alive by the two beautiful and awesome emcees, Ria Serrano and Amira Allah Arcangel.



Speaking of Amira Allahh Arcangel, a familiar name in the N.Y.-N.J. Fil-Am community, will lead a cast of stars in a stage play titled “THE ONE WAY ROAD” by Tino Aquino Capili (pictured above).

It’s a story about friendship to look forward to. Let’s watch it.

Also in the cast are Danez Balanzat, Debbie Lefort, Manny Castillo, Andre Bernardo, Anna Leah and 13 others.

“THE ONE WAY ROAD” will be staged at the Philippine Center (Consulate), 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y., on Nov. 18 (Friday), at 7 p.m.

Co-producing are two non-profit Fil-Am groups: The Partnership for Sustainable Development, Inc. (PSDI) and The Rejoice for God The Greatest Artist Acting Group (RFGA).

More advertisers in the play’s souvenir program are welcome.

Tickets are available by calling 908.723.1668, 551.689.6873, 917.656.9443 or 551.358.1103.

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