The Fil-Am meeting attendees.

It’s election time again on Nov. 7, 2017 in Jersey City, N.J., home to some 15,000 Filipinos.

The city’s popular and well-liked mayor, Steven Fulop, who entertained the thought of running for New Jersey governor last year, changed his mind and decided to seek re-election in what local political observers say would be an easy “sailing” for the incumbent city executive.

Fil-Am City Council President and Councilman-at-Large Rolando Lavarro, Jr., who entertained the thought of running for mayor had Fulop decided to run for governor, is also running for re-election with Team Fulop 2017.

The popularity of Mayor Fulop not only with Filipinos but with the cross section of the city’s population was emphasized by Balik Jersey City resident Flor Medel Reyes during a recent meeting when she aptly said, “I came back to Jersey City from Arizona because of the progress and development that happened and are happening under Mayor Fulop.”

In past Jersey City elections we have observed, since the time of former Mayor Bret Schundler, the candidate(s) who were supported by Filipinos emerged as winners.

By sheer number, a united Filipino vote in the city could make a candidate win.

There could be a couple of Filipinos who might not go along with their fellow Filipinos because of unfulfilled personal favors sought.


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop speaks with Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr.

However, it is predicted that like in the 2013 elections, Fil-Ams will unite behind and support Lavarro and Team Fulop.

In a well-attended meeting of members and leaders of the Filipino-American community in a Jersey City Filipino restaurant on May 15, City Council President Lavarro introduced some of the candidates of the formidable Team Fulop led by the mayoral bet.

The Democratic Party candidates in the June Primary elections for state assembly seats in the area spoke in the same political gathering.

Mayor Fulop asked for a continuing partnership with the large Filipino community in Jersey City.

He said that Filipinos are valued highly in the city.

He cited the following:

•During the 2013 elections when he first ran for mayor, the first candidate listed in  Team Fulop 2013 was a Filipino, Rolando Lavarro, Jr.

•The first Filipino chief municipal judge appointed in Jersey City happened during the early days of his term as mayor in 2013.

•In the City Council of Jersey City, Lavarro was elected twice as president by his peers with Mayor Fulop’s unwavering support.

Lavarro’s transparent and effective leadership in the city’s legislative branch of government and his being able to unite the Fil-Ams regained the city populace trust on Filipinos after unpleasant stories about a few Pinoys years prior to the 2013 elections.

We consider the above as the biggest achievement of Mr. Lavarro in relation to the Filipinos in Jersey City.

His honesty as public servant is admirable.


JC Mayor Steven Fulop.


JC Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr.


Americans’ Passion for Rule of Law

In order to clear the sensitive question whether the Donald Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in last year’s elections that could have aided Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton, a special counsel has been appointed to lead in the investigation after the FBI Director who was investigating the issue was unceremoniously fired by President Trump.

The members of the legislative branch in Washington, D.C. from both political parties are anxious to find out if any laws were violated.

Indeed, America is enviable when it comes to respect for the law and the democratic dictum that nobody is above the law.

Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican, said it all when he told reporters it does not matter what political party the one in the White House belongs to.

He added they will find out if any laws were violated by conducting fair and factual investigation.

How come in the Philippines, over 8,000 poor people have been killed without due process and, yet, Congress is not lifting a finger to find out who the criminals are?

The Senate conducted a virtual mock investigation and arrived at a conclusion that there were no extrajudicial killings.

To compare the two countries in terms of respect for the law is to compare apples and star apples.



Happy Birthday Bro. Roger Santos!

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