ASEAN closing program.

THIS space commends former New York Deputy Consul General Zaldy Patron and his group for another successful administration and organization of the conduct of the latest ASEAN Summit.

President Donald Trump, no less, praised the way the Summit was organized and handled.

However, on substantive aspects, the Summit, in our opinion was wanting.

It could have tackled and given utmost importance to the following:

•Promotion of democracy in Southeast Asia and arrest the rising tide of authoritarianism that may lead to dictatorships.

•Stop member-countries from killing its own people extrajudicially, especially PH.

•Make member countries adhere strictly to human rights and rule of law.

•Put China on notice that sanctions will be placed if they will continue to ignore the decision of the Permanent Arbitration Court on the South China Sea issue.


Former New York Deputy Consul General Zaldy Patron and his boss, Hellen de la Vega.


According to Duterte

Speaking like a virtual spokesman of China, President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Tuesday that China has agreed to having a code of conduct in the disputed features in the South China Sea.

At a news conference after closing the 31st ASEAN Summit and related meetings, Duterte said China has also committed to binding itself to the provisions of the code.

The above were according to Duterte, not China.

Assuming China ordered Duterte to make the non-committal announcement, isn’t it China will be the one to decide when to start the meetings?

It can be expected the Chinese will present what are for their interests and pressure the participating countries to accept.

(No need to pressure the Philippines under Duterte’s rule.)

At the end of the day, I foresee, it will be a Chinese-Duterte Code of Conduct in the South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea.

With all the reclamation and accompanying militarization done by the Chinese in the disputed areas, will they allow interests contrary to theirs?

The Philippines should have insisted what’s right and what’s according to Public International Law from the beginning.

Pres. Duterte gave it away in an unpatriotic way.



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Nov. 14, 2017 said he raised the issue of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines with President Rodrigo Duterte.  (Photo by Danny Pata)

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau is Pro Filipino

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on extrajudicial killings and human rights issues in the Philippines:

“We (Canadians) have to talk about the highest expectations we must have to protect life, to uphold the rule of law and human rights.”

“I also mentioned (to President Duterte) human rights, the rule of law, and specifically, extrajudicial killings being an issue Canada is being concerned with.”

In a statement to reporters, Pres. Duterte said he considered Prime Minister Trudeau’s remarks about EJK and human rights violations in the PH as personal insult.

But, the Canadian Prime Minister spoke on behalf of the Canadian people and their culture of decency and justice.

How can he be insulted by a universal issue which he is accused of violating?

He has a special entitlement?

How can that be personal insult?

Personal insult is to brand a former U.S. president “so black and arrogant.”



Superstar singer and actress Bette Midler.

Bette Midler on DU30

Popular singer Bette Midler posted in Tweeter:

“Murderous dictator Duterte serenaded Trump with a Filipino love song.”

I have no further comment.



Demonstrators at ASEAN.


Pres. Trump offers to mediate

President Donald Trump reportedly offered to mediate among claimants in the West Philippine Sea, including the Philippines.

Certainly, China would not agree.

No involvement from the U.S.

Nor from the UN.

Only bilateral talks.

That has been their position.

The Chinese will only talk about the issue directly with the claimants for obvious reasons.

So, they could dictate what they want.

Compromise is not in their language.

For unknown reasons, President Duterte has been showing servitude to China on the issue which had been decided on by the Permanent Arbitration Court in the Hague in favor of the Philippines since he won the PH presidency.

But, during the election campaign in 2016, he was shouting he would even plant a PH flag in Philippine-owned islands in the West Philippine Sea.

Why the 360-degree turnaround after the elections?

Baka may collusion na nangyari between the Duterte camp and China?

Kelangan din ng isang Mueller independent commission sa Manila?

Despite attempts by the Duterte camp in Manila to hide the issues of extrajudicial killings, human rights and rule of law at the ASEAN Summit in Manila, the leaders of Canada and European Union openly brought up the issues in relation to Mr. Duterte’s bloody war on drugs.

There was also demonstration by some 2,000 people against Mr. Duterte’s cruel drug war outside the ASEAN meeting venue.



The late Bert Pelayo with his wife Linda.

Happy Birthday to one person in Heaven I have the highest respects...Bert Pelayo.

He and his unique sense of humor is missed.

One day, I received an e-mail from Bert.

It said, “Manny, I respect your opinion...your wrong opinion.”

Advanced Happy Birthday next Friday to another fine esteemed colleague and friend, L.P. Pelayo.

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