LAS VEGAS — Have you heard of an illegal or unconstitutional Constitution?

This was what one Filipino senator insinuated will happen if House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez would insist on his plan to convene the House of Representatives into a Constituent Assembly and proceed changing the existing 1987 Constitution without the senators voting separately.

Only in the Philippines!

Since the issue of changing the Philippine Constitution came up, Mr. Alvarez has been talking and behaving as if he owns the sacred document and could do what he wants to do with it.

As a result, the senators reached an agreement that without separate voting by the Senate, no amendment to the present Constitution shall be deemed legal.

Likewise, the Senate lawmakers agreed to expel anyone from the PH Senate who will go along with Speaker Alvarez’s procedures.


Even in a plane...

During my flight to Las Vegas last Monday, there was a medical emergency.

When a flight attendant called for a medical person, nurse or paramedic from among the passengers, a senior-looking male white American readily stood up from his window seat and proceeded to the rear section of the plane where the emergency situation was.

I assumed the bow-tie wearing man was a physician.

He was.

For three hours of the five-hour trip, the doctor did not leave the sick man.

He sat with him.

Thirty minutes before landing, holding the sick man by the back of his shirt to ensure he won’t fall, the physician guided the frail looking guy to the front section of the plane where two seats were arranged to be vacated for them.

Obviously, so the sick could easily get off after landing.

Once the plane was on full stop and connected to the tube, a paramedic entered the plane and picked up the sick man.

All passengers were asked to wait until the patient was out.

It was only at that point that the doctor stood up as if making sure his “patient” would be able to get out safely in the care of paramedic.

It was also at that instance when my reportorial tendencies started to act up.

I started a brief conversation with the good-hearted physician.

Our conversation went this way:

MLC: Sir, I assume you are a physician.


MLC: Although, other physicians would have done what you did as a matter of duty, I admire how you served the sick man. It showed how you valued life.

PHYSICIAN: Thank you.

MLC: You must have heard about the president of the Philippines, Duterte. How he values life with the killings of suspected drug addicts.

PHYSICIAN: Oh yes, I have heard about him and the killings.

MLC: Mr. Duterte is a lawyer. How I wished he studied to be a physician. Maybe, he would have valued life better.

PHYSICIAN: Maybe, he would not have been a good physician either.

We both smiled and bid each other goodbye.

Even in an airplane, I was thinking of Duterte.




Assistant Secretary of Communications Mocha Uson

Now, let’s move to Mocha Uson.

This controversial former bold star, sexy dancer and nude painting model turned assistant secretary in the Department of Communications because President Duterte said he was indebted to her for her propagandas in social media in favor of the Duterte camp during the 2016 elections.

Since her appointment, Uson has been the object of unsavory criticisms and mocking remarks from Filipinos in newspapers and social media.

The latest issue was the award given to her by the University of Santo Tomas (her alma mater) Alumni Association.

The award was greeted by massive protests and condemnations from the UST Student Council, graduates and netizens.

A Filipino novelist, who is former awardee from UST, returned his trophy in protest of Mocha Uson’s award.

The president of UST Alumni Association, which approved the award to Uson as outstanding alumna for government service, resigned his position due to the protests.

Bowing to public criticisms, Ms. Uson returned her award last Wednesday to UST.

The next day, she mistakenly said in a radio broadcast that the erupting Mayon Volcano was in Naga City (it is in Albay).

After another wave of criticisms from netizens, she tried to correct her mistake, also in radio.

But, this time, she said “Mayon Volcano was in Bicol and not in Naga!”


It was wrong again! Because Sorsogon, Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur are also in Bicol.

Albay is the correct place.

As an official in the Communications Department of the planned-to-be PH Federal Republic, an assistant secretary is expected to give accurate and correct information to the public.

Jokingly, I said in my Facebook, for the information of Ms. Mocha Uson, Mayon is located in West Side Avenue, Jersey City, N.J.


Oops, it’s Mayon Grill which is in West Side.

To me, the root cause of Uson’s piled-up problems and unpleasant criticisms is because she accepted the position she now occupies when it is obvious she is not qualified to be there.

Worse, with such title.

Maybe, if she was offered and she accepted a position related to dancing (not necessarily sexy dancing), perhaps, she would have had a more peaceful life and could have rehabilitated herself better and faster.




Happy, happy birthday to twin sisters Lilian Benito Equipado and Emily Benito Hornilla of Jersey City, N.J.

These two fine ladies had served the Filipino-American community in New Jersey for a long, long time.

Best to both.

Happy birthday, too, to my dear daughter Niña.


Niña Caballero (2nd from left) with her family. From left, Manny, MC, Natasha and Adrian.

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