Previous years observance of EDSA People Power Revolution.

IN the beginning of World War II in 1939, Winston Churchill went on radio and spoke about Russia.

The famous British leader said, “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.”

The “information warfare” allegedly conducted by the Russians against the United States, unraveled by the Mueller investigation, fits well in the above Churchill description.

Who would imagine the Russians would do what they allegedly did?

“Promote public discord and undermine public confidence on American democracy” and its electoral process through fake social media postings!

According to the Deputy Director of the FBI, 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies have been indicted.

The American law enforcement agencies’ devotion to protecting and preserving democracy in this country is enviable and unparalleled.

We know of a country, whose leader, instead of protecting and preserving its sovereignty, is virtually giving it away to its foreign neighbor.

Was it done to the Philippines too?

Was it possible what the Russians did to the United States was also done by the other Communist country in Asia or even Russia itself to the Philippines which also held elections in 2016?

If they could do it to the U.S., what would have prevented them from doing it to smaller countries, like the Philippines?

Could the hordes (kuyog) of faceless and nameless trolls that appeared in social media in the Philippines during and after the 2016 elections part of an international communist design to ruin and undermine Western brand of democracy in the PH?

President Trump announced in Poland the other day the supposed Russian electoral interference activities were also done to other countries.

When the FBI is done with its Russian investigation, perhaps, it would be good to look into this possible conspiracy in order to put a stop to it internationally and permanently.

Historically, Communist countries have been envious of the democratic system in the West, which, America also introduced in the Philippines.

China is now trying to undo what Americans did in the Philippines by advising Filipino legislators how to adopt a political system akin to the Chinese way via constitutional change.

In fact, it was reported that the administration party, PDP, may have affiliated itself with the Communist Party of China.

A group from China was in Manila recently and advised Filipino lawmakers on how to go about the changes.

Not only that.

The sudden and unexplained shift of President Duterte in respect of policies towards China after the elections was suspicious.

During the campaign, he warned China he would ride a jet ski and plant a Philippine flag in the Spratly.

After the elections, it was China’s flag which was virtually “planted” in the Philippines.

Mr. Duterte even joked of making the Philippines a province of China!

Duterte became virtually subservient to the Chinese.

He avoided asserting the victory of the Philippines in the Permanent Court of Arbitration over the West Philippine Sea.

He allowed the Chinese, without any protests, to create artificial islands and establish military fortresses in the South China Sea, including the reefs in the Philippines’ West Philippine Sea.

As Chair of the last ASEAN Summit in Manila, President Duterte asked ASEAN leaders not to mention the issue in the South China Sea.

He gave permission to the Chinese to conduct exploration in the Philippines’ marine-rich Benham Rise and allowed them to give Chinese names to it, presumably, for future Chinese mapping purposes like their 9-dash line.

From all of the above, Duterte seems to be hiding something that he knows the Chinese have on him.

We are tempted to say, it seems, the biggest threat to the integrity of Philippine democracy today is in Malacañang.



On the eve of the 32nd Anniversary of the glorious People Power Revolution in the Philippines, the peaceful demonstrations of Filipinos in 1986 which led to the overthrow of dictator Marcos, another budding Filipino dictator is cited by U.S. Intelligence groups.

Sharing a headline from a story in on Feb. 20, 2018:
U.S. intelligence lists Duterte as threat to democracy in Southeast Asia


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Happy Birthday on March 3 to Dr. Linda Pelayo (pictured above with Manny Caballero of the Filipino Reporter)!

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