Ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.  (Getty Images/AFP/Ted Aljibe)

The bizarre “warning” which PH President Rodrigo Duterte bragged about in a recent speech that China’s President Xi Jinping told him China won’t allow anyone to force him out of office was probably another product of this president’s fertile imagination.

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China’s president will protect Duterte from his own people?

What happened to the often touted 16 million supporters of Duterte?

Is China now in the business of providing security services?

Bizarre claim!

If it was true, it was a stupid assurance on the part of the Chinese president.

How can China come into the picture if the Filipinos collectively decide to hold once again a people power revolution, including the military organization?

Will Jinping send Chinese soldiers to Malacañang?

Or shoot the demonstrators?

Stupid, indeed!



Juan Ponce Enrile (center) at the EDSA Revolution in 1986.  (Google Image)

Shallow strategy

At best, the Duterte warning is an invented shallow strategy to instill false fear on those who are planning to protest publicly his recent behavior of concentrating legislative and judicial powers in the executive branch.


It was also aimed at the segments in the military organization who may have been pissed by the dictatorial tendencies of Duterte.

Duterte seems to be scared at his own shadow.

President Rodrigo Duterte must be in celebratory mode because he got another woman, he hates, down.

But, he must be getting nervous, too.

He seemed to have miscalculated the mood of his people.

He must have thought he was still as popular like a year ago.

The pulse of the Filipino nation is obviously revolting against him.

He should read their reactions in social media.

A story, though fake, circulated in social media which said that “the Southern Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines withdrew its support for Duterte.”

Even if the story was fake, it could be a manifestation that there are groups in PH body politic who are already fed up with Duterte and are brave enough to put up something like that fake story.

It could have come from the military itself.

A former Dean in UP is invoking a basic democratic dictum on political change, which is, the right of the citizens to establish a new government that will serve the interests and demands of the people.

Who knows, the eight Filipino Supreme Court justices who voted for ouster (“politicians in purple robes”) could be the triggers in shortening the tenure of President Duterte judging on the negative reactions of the Filipino people?

We still believe that the military organization in the PH is loyal to their country and its Constitution, and not to Duterte alone, who, obviously has been befriending the generals.

Remember the late President Sukarno of Indonesia?

One of his generals, Suharto, whom he thought was loyal to him, ousted him in a coup when Sukarno started to wield dictatorial powers and befriended China and Russia.

Indonesia’s history could well repeat in the PH.

Who would think that Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile would turn around against their longtime colleague in government Ferdinand Marcos, and take the side of the people that led to the dictator’s downfall?


Aware that theirs is an unpopular decision and could even be illegal, did you notice the Supreme Court decision was released on a Friday afternoon hoping that not many people would read it because they are preparing for the weekend?

And that the impact of the story will slowly die down during the weekend so that by Monday, it will be a new week.

The Duterte gang may be miscalculating the mood of the people in this particular issue.

I could view those eight justices as “politicians in purple robes.”

If Filipinos will not defend democracy, it will die in the hands of President Duterte.

Spoiled young boy

It seems President Duterte had gotten used on how he conducted business of government when he was mayor of Davao City.

He could get what he wanted at all times.

The lady who investigated his supposed EJK’s in Davao, Sen. Leila de Lima, is now languishing in jail.

This president must recognize only young boys could get what they want within the family.

Once they get out, the rules are changed.

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