Under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), all coastal countries are granted sovereign rights to a stretch of sea extending 200 nautical miles beyond their coast.

This is known as the exclusive economic zone, or EEZ.

The Philippines is part of UNCLOS and so is China.

Both signed the UNCLOS Agreement.

But, China, came up with its 9-dash-line map claiming ownership of around 86 percent of South China Sea, including parts of the Philippines EEZ.

So, the Philippines went to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PAC) in The Hague to claim what rightly belongs to the Philippines that China erroneously claimed to be theirs.

This happened under the Benigno Aquino presidency.

The Philippines won its case over China, which, did not participate in the PAC hearings.

The favorable PAC decision came down one month after President Duterte assumed the presidency.

For reasons only known to him, Mr. Duterte decided to put on the table the PAC decision.

He kept saying he will bring it up with China later because to do so will start a war with China which the Philippines can’t win.

To us, that’s a funny line of reasoning.

That’s the thinking of a 5-year-old boy.


Why would China start a war if discussions are on diplomatic level by career diplomats.

China will avoid fighting the Philippines because it is aware there is a Mutual Defense Treaty between the PH and USA.

Meanwhile, China militarized the South China Sea and the West Philippine Sea.

There are now missiles and long-range bombers that could reach and devastate any country in Southeast Asia and even the Pacific ream of the United States.

After two years of acquiescence and letting China do what it wanted to do in the South (China Sea-West Philippine Sea) waters and features, the Duterte Administration is now making noise about “red lines” and about “waging war.”

With due respect, President Duterte and Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano are “too late the heroes.”

Obviously, they are merely trying to make it appear to critics, inside and outside the Philippines, that they are now doing something.

But, what they are saying are off-tangent to the issues.

Theirs are empty pronouncements.

What they should have done and should do is to pursue the implementation of the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration of July 2016 in a multi-lateral manner through the United Nations.

China should be compelled to participate and respect any agreement related to PAC decision.

Otherwise, the world could regard them as selfish, war freak and territory grabbers.



Femme fatale

We received inquiries as to who was the Filipino lawyer who thought of Vice President Leni Robredo as “femme fatale,” which, according to the same lawyer is “a lady gifted with all the bewitching charm that would render a Knight (or a Caballero) helpless, defenseless, or powerless while under such spell.”

The lawyer is no other than Atty. Victor Sison of New Jersey.


Speaking of Atty. Sison, who I admire, among other reasons, for sticking to his concept of femme fatale when he married his beautiful wife, is celebrating his 75th birthday (though he looks and dances like 65), in July.

He sent out invites to a cowboy/cowgirl attire party stating he would appreciate if his guests, instead of giving personal gifts would, instead, write a check of donation to a seminary in Vigan City (PH) where he used to teach and was Dean of Studies.

He intends to establish a scholarship fund for the seminary.

Good deed, indeed, Atty. Sison.

God bless.


Paaralan Sa Konsulado

The 20th Paaralan Sa Konsulado for this year begins on the last Saturday of June at the Philippine Center in New York.

The aim of the Paaralan is to share knowledge of and nurture Filipino culture in America.

Please refer to the poster below for details.

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