Filipino-American Jonathan Wong in a file photo.

Congratulations to the poll winners, including Filipino-Americans who ran and won, like Jonathan Wong of Mahwah, N.J. Council.

According to Jonathan’s Mom Grace, Jon won big in Mahwah.

We, at the Filipino Reporter, scored 2 for 2.

Right L.P. Pelayo?

We endorsed the winning Gov. ANDREW CUOMO of New York and Sen. BOB MENENDEZ of New Jersey in our separate Editorials days before the elections because we believed in them and in their record of public service.



The Republicans retained, as forecast, control of the U.S. Senate.

The Democrats won seats in the House of Representatives that made the Democratic Party took over control of the House from the Republicans.

To me, the latter is more meaningful victory.

President Trump failed to make the Republicans retain control of both Houses despite his efforts.

We believe Mr. Trump made Americans go out and vote on Election Day.

Some 100 million voters turned out.

Although, many of them voted against him.

It seemed American voters across the country were very eager to judge the presidency of Donald Trump for the first time since his election two years ago.


Discussing the significance of the Democratic Party’s victory, The Washington Post said in its editorial, “...the (Democratic) party can outline an alternative policy direction for the country. It can begin with measures to shore up the Affordable Care Act but then move to reforms of federal gun laws. Where the Republican majority has denied science, the Democrats can offer an approach to climate change. They can propose relief to the ‘dreamers’ and, ideally, other undocumented immigrants, along with generous but not unlimited opportunities for future legal immigration. They should propose to restore the United States to its rightful place as a welcomer of refugees; to end the disgraceful denial of congressional representation to citizens in the District of Columbia; to repeal the most egregious giveaways to the rich in the 2017 tax bill.”

We will see.


Let’s always bear in mind that the goal of those Communist countries that interfere in elections of democratic countries, like the U.S. and the Philippines, is to divide the people so they could disrupt the democratic processes which they are jealous and envy.

Theirs are despotic and dictatorial governments whose people do not experience genuine freedoms.

In the Philippines, it is unfortunate, Pres. Duterte has adopted some of the anti-democratic governance techniques of those Communist nations.


On Nov. 5, The New York Times published the deportation of Sister Patricia Fox after doing missionary work in the Philippines for 27 years.

Sister Patricia was a critic of President Duterte’s extrajudicial killings as part of the president’s anti-drug campaign.

Thousands were killed without justice under the campaign from 2016 to 2018.

If I were to paraphrase my friend’s posted quote the other day, I would say, “Do not criticize a fool or he will hate you. Criticize a wise man and he will appreciate you.”


When a person makes a remark in public that the Catholic religion’s saints are “lokos” (insane) and “lasenggos,” (drunken bums) and then, when the people are angered by the remarks, he says he was only joking obviously to escape justified hatred and criticisms, it does not only show that that person is “very sick,” he may also be branded as stupid.



Some runners at the recent New York City Marathon.

Congratulations to all runners in last Sunday’s New York City Marathon, dubbed as New York City’s biggest block party.

I understand our Sports Editor will feature some of the Filipino-American runners.

One of the runners was my daughter, MC, who crossed the finish line at 2:35 p.m.

Congrats MC!

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