THIS week’s column is the third installment of my recent application for dual citizen.

My first column captioned “Simple steps when applying for dual citizenship in N.Y.” as suggested by my editor.

Applicants submission of the required documents, processing of the petition and the payment of the consular fee of $50 would take only 30 minutes.

The following day, applicants are later sworn by a Philippine consul and handed three documents, namely:

1. Oath of Allegiance

2. Order for the issuance of Identification Certificate signed by the Consul General

3. Identification Certificate with the photograph of applicant with his/her thumbprints

Application for ePassport

According to the consular officer who briefed the dual citizens, the above three documents may not be sufficient to buy a one-way ticket to the Philippines.

He continued that it is the discretion of the airline whether it will accept the above documents for the purchase of a one-way ticket to the home country.

Hence, it is imperative that dual citizens apply for a Philippine passport.

Consular fee is $50.

He suggested that dual citizens who have plans to travel in Asia should instead present their ePassport.

Holders of U.S. passports are required to apply for a visa in these countries while Philippine passport holders are exempted from securing visas.

Dual citizens applying for a Philippine passport must present their old passport and complete and sign a Passport Application.

The new passport is known as the ePassport which is rather antiquated and inconvenient for dual citizens who wants to travel on short notice.

According to the requirements for the issuance of passport, personal appearance of the dual citizen without exception.

Each applicant is captured digitally by the ePassport encoder.

Processing fee is $60 in cash and release of the new Passport: six weeks from application.

However, my passport application showed that I applied on Sept. 22, 2011.

The encoder advised me in writing that my ePassport will be available for release on Dec. 13, 2011, more than two months from my application date instead of six weeks as indicated in the requirements for issuance of passport.

Renewal of U.S. Passport

On the other hand, renewal of a U.S. passport is easy and convenient.

The applicant need not apply to the U.S. Passport office in lower Manhattan.

There is a passport agency known as “It’s Easy Inc.” located on the ground floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, with telephone number 212.586.8880 which will handle the renewal of a U.S. passport for a service fee of $35 in addition to the fee for renewal of the passport at $110.

For a fee of around $100 or more, passport applicants who wants to travel on short notice, the agency will handle the renewal of a U.S. passport in one day or more.

The passport applicant will then pick up the new passport in the office of the agency.

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