THIS week is my last column in New York.

In my new situs, I may occasionally e-mail important subjects on the law on current jurisprudence prevailing in the home country.

But this Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.

This one special day of the year, I have to give thanks to my band of loyal advertisers who in this economic doldrums ravaging the American economy, have stayed with the Filipino Reporter in good times and bad.

As I assured my loyal advertisers in my Thanksgiving column last year, somebody in the Filipino Reporter will take care of the advertising needs with skill, speed and precision.

To the readers of my column for the last 17 years, I have the satisfaction that somehow I have answered their queries on important subjects on the law and other subjects.

For this labor of love, Bert Pelayo and Erlinda Pelayo, publisher and associate publisher, respectively, of the Filipino Reporter, awarded me with an award of appreciation during the 30th anniversary of the Filipino Reporter on Nov. 16, 2002 at the New York Hilton which reads as follows:

“For your camaraderie and unerring devotion to the Filipino Reporter and for your informative, entertaining and thought provoking column every week.”

As I embark on my new endeavor in the country of my birth, I will always cherish the fond memories of times gone by in the Big Apple:

the many good times I enjoyed with a few selected friends and loyal advertisers; the many birthday celebrations in the office and elsewhere; and not to be forgotten are the afternoon delights I savored with my friends.

As I leave this great resilient city, I am happy with the thought that I will leave behind my two successful daughters, Anna Maria, a vice president of a steel company in Westchester, N.Y.; and my youngest daughter Angelica, now the manager at Sears in Chicago.

After 42 years in New York and Stamford, Connecticut, I bid farewell to all who touched my life:

my loyal readers, my devoted advertisers, my friends and the staff of the Filipino Reporter, Bert Pelayo and Erlinda Pelayo for giving me this rare opportunity with a prestigious newspaper, till we meet again.


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