A decade ago, a film “Kababayan - Filipino Americans in New York” with Alan Glazen as its executive producer and Filipino-American Diane Paragas as its director, was shown on Channel 13.

“Kababayan,” as described on the cover of the VHS, is about the Filipino-American community in the tri-state area often referred to as an invisible part of American history, and portrays the depth and richness of this proud community.

Recognized as one of the fastest growing Asian-American communities in the U.S., Filipino-American contribution to American society is well-known for the delicious dishes of their cuisine, their contribution to the arts and literature, and their dedication and devotion in the healthcare industry as doctors, nurses and home health aides to the sick and elderly.

Last week, an enterprising American filmmaker, Catharine Kinder of Slow Burn Productions, placed an advertisement (“Movie Casting Call”) in the classified ad section of the Filipino Reporter in its Dec. 10-16, 2010 issue for five consecutive issues seeking actors with or without experience for a variety of small and large parts in a feature film set partly in New York City’s Filipino community.

The major characters in the film “Dream Brothers” include a lola or a batty and loving grandmother who grew up wealthy but now poor; a strong, smart and classy schoolteacher who protects the main character at school and then home; and a male who owns a restaurant, outwardly decent but okay with lying and using people if he considers it harmless.

All the characters must speak some Tagalog.

In “Dream Brother,” Kinder dreams of creating a powerful work of art set partly in New York’s Filipino community for festival submission and international theatrical distribution.

The main character in “Dream Brother” is Eleanor, troubled young Filipina-American girl growing up in New York, who is bullied at school because of a birthmark on her face.

Adelina Amosco, a talented Filipina actress, played the role of Eleanor.

Kinder is planning to shoot in March and April next year and is now starting the casting process.

A possible location of the film is the thriving Filipino-American community in Woodside, Queens.

An article on “Dream Brother” appears on page 50 of the Filipino Reporter’s issue of Dec. 17-23, 2010.

You can also view the article at:

Click on “Arts & Entertainment” and “Showbiz.”

Interested readers may call Catharine Kinder at 216.904.5696.


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