THE latest column “Ruminations” of Rey O. Arcilla, a regular columnist of Malaya, which appears in the Filipino Reporter’s issue of Jan. 7-13, 2011 made me reflect on why I write my weekly column in the Reporter for over 16 years.

Like Arcilla, I wonder: should I or should I not continue writing my column?

To quote him, “did I get anything out of it?”

Oh, yes.

On the 30th anniversary of the Filipino Reporter held on Nov. 16, 2002 at the Hilton New York and Towers I received an Award of Appreciation from the publisher and associate publisher of the Filipino Reporter for my informative, entertaining and thought-provoking column every week.

“Is it worth it?” asked Arcilla.

He continued: “Enjoy life. Life is short.”

But I have already enjoyed life to the fullest in my 41 years sojourn in the Big Apple.

No more afternoon delights.

My only enjoyment now is praying the Rosary every night to save my poor soul from the fires of hell.

Yes, it is worth writing my column.

As a lawyer emeritus schooled in one of the best law schools coupled with 20 years experience as one of the in-house counsels of a multinational corporation, I gained valuable experience in corporate law and stockholders relations.

Writing about the intricacies of the law, to me, is just a “piece of cake.”

My library is replete with various law books and legal forms.

My expertise is on various fields of Philippine law.

Atty. Edgar Ariel Recto, a practicing lawyer in New York, handles queries on U.S. laws.

Over the years, I have written columns on civil law, criminal law, inheritance law, corporate law and constitutional law.

Once in a grey while, I write about available jobs for Filipino couples and domestic workers placed by wealthy American families in New York, the Hamptons and Florida.

I also write on other subjects like religion.

Finally, like Arcilla, I delight in tweaking President Benigno Aquino III, a non-lawyer and his legal staff on questions regarding controversial legal and constitutional matters.

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