The Mayor’s Corner

IN a city as big and bustling as New York, the ease with which people can get around town quickly and comfortably is a key factor in our quality-of-life — and our economic competitiveness.

THE ancient Greeks, in their wisdom, believed that only at evening could you recognize how wonderful the entire day had truly been.

Nov. 19, 2010


ONE of the biggest complaints citizens have about government is inefficiency. And too often, they’re right.

Governments — much more so than private sector businesses — tend to get stuck in old ways of doing things.


THE city has signed a contract with Thor Equities to acquire 6.9-acres in Coney Island for $95.6 million, which will allow the city to expand, enhance and make permanent Coney Island’s historic amusement district.


MAYOR Ed Koch once said that New York City is the place "where the future comes to audition." And that's something our Administration takes very seriously. In fact, we're bringing the spirit of innovation to every corner of the city. And by thinking creatively — by flipping the conventional wisdom on its head — by having the courage to try new things — we're gaining new ground on some of our most complex, longstanding challenges — like fixing our schools and protecting our environment.

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