TEACHING is truly the noblest profession.

How many times have we heard that if there are no teachers, there will be no doctors, no lawyers, no illustrious men and women in our history?

It would be safe to say that behind every great man and woman is a dedicated and persevering teacher.

In last week’s column we wrote about five of the 10 Outstanding Teachers recognized recently by the Metrobank Foundation.

We resume this week’s column with the recognition of the other five Outstanding Teachers.

They are Mr. Buenaventura D. Luces of Lusacan National High School; Mrs. Vilma C. Ambat of Baguio City National High School; Mrs. Maricel S. Franco of Nueva Vizcaya General Comprehensive High School; Dr. Jericho Thaddeus P. Luna of the University of the Philippines-Manila; and Dr. Allan B. De Guzman of the University of Santo Tomas.

Mr. Luces, Master Teacher I who specializes in Algebra, invented a multifunctional Mathematics teaching device called the “Math Checker,” which promotes mastery and competitiveness in performing basic math operations and is now widely used in the whole DepEd Division of Quezon.

Everyone can freely download or check out the device at www.mathchecker.weebly.com

Mr. Luces also developed Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) such as the Adventures with Least Common Denominator, Adventures with Greatest Common Factor, and Aliens in Love, which aims to solve students’ problems in dealing with fractions and rational algebraic expressions.

Mrs. Ambat, Master Teacher I — Specialization in Filipino, introduced the “Mobile Learning Anytime, Anywhere,” which takes advantage of popular technology such as MP3 players and mobile phones to address the learning needs of students engaged in Special Program for the Arts.

Learning materials are delivered in audio or multimedia formats to the devices of students who need to be excused from classes because of rehearsals and performances.

Her work paved the way for her to become one of the 25 finalists in the Worldwide Innovative Educators Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, and a winner in the Asia Pacific Regional Educators Forum in Singapore.

Mrs. Franco, Secondary School Teacher III with a specialization in physics, developed physics instructional materials, including an instruction plan on natural hazards used by secondary school science teachers in DepEd Nueva Vizcaya during the Disaster Risk Reduction Program in School Year 2008-2009.

She is also a national trainer for the Intel Teach Program wherein she extends her expertise necessary for the professional development of teachers in the country.

Dr. Luna, an associate professor of the UP College of Medicine-Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, has developed modules on basic obstetrics and gynecology issues for health centers teaching pre-natal care, obstetric emergencies and gynecologic cancer prevention to municipal health officers.

Dr. Luna is the only gynecologic oncologist who can do vaginal radical hysterectomy (Schauta procedure) and the vaginal radical trachelectomy (Dargent procedure), a fertility-sparing surgery for early stage gynecologic malignancies like cervical cancer.

Dr. De Guzman, a professor at the University of Santo Tomas College of Education and College of Nursing, pioneered the introduction of the “Thesis-by-Article Format” in the country, which revolutionized thesis- and dissertation-writing methods and enabled thesis writers at the UST and other schools in the country to communicate research findings to a wider audience through the publication of papers in various international journals.

He also initiated the use of Traditional Filipino Arts (TFA) in the education curriculum and as a recreational activity for the elderly.


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