Hailey and Matthew Barr.

WALKER, Louisiana — A husband and wife living in the Philippines as missionaries helping the needy were killed in a crash involving three vehicles and two 18-wheelers during a vacation in their hometown in the greater Baton Rogue area.

Police identified the couple as Matthew Barr, CEO of Fuel.PH; and his wife Hailey Barr.

Fuel.PH is an organization in the Philippines that describes itself as a “social enterprise” promoting community and positive social and economic change.

The crash happened around 11:30 p.m. of July 23 on I-12 about a mile west of Satsuma, LA.

According to the Walker Police Department, an 18-wheeler changed lanes to avoid a pickup towing a disabled Ford Focus that pulled from the outside road shoulder onto the highway.

While changing lanes, the 18-wheeler struck a Volkswagen convertible, sending it into the path of a second 18-wheeler.

The Volkswagen was occupied by Matthew and Hailey Barr, who were originally from the area and were visiting family for a few weeks.

Hailey Barr was pronounced dead at the scene and Matthew Barr was taken to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge where he later died.

Police believe that the truck and the car being towed were occupied by a man and his daughter.

Police said the pickup was driven by the daughter and her father was in the Ford Focus.

Both individuals suffered minor to moderate injuries.

The drivers of the 18-wheelers were not injured.

On the Fuel.PH Facebook page, a post stated: “Their lives have forever impacted our city, Iloilo...our nation, the Philippines...their hometowns and families and friends the world over. Lives built on truth, integrity, passion, purity, determination, compassion, generosity and so much more!”

“The void will be great, but the gratitude of having them in our lives will remain in our hearts. So many words to be written and things to be said, but in short, we honor them. As a community, as close friends, as family...we honor the lives they lived as an example of love, genuine love.”

Charges in connection with this fatal accident are pending.

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