MANILA — A 60-year-old balikbayan woman from Guam was found dead inside her house in San Jose St., Barangay San Antonio, Quezon City.

Police said Ruth Doepker (pictured above) was lying on a sofa and was already in an early stage of decomposition when discovered inside her room.

Relatives believe the murderer might be the man identified only as “Digs” whom she met on Facebook.

They described the suspect as having a tattooed body, tall and brown-complexioned.

According to boarders who live in the victim’s house, they sensed something wrong when they started to smell a stench coming from the woman’s room four days since they last saw her.

Police authorities also found some writings on a cabinet that they believe could lead to the identity of the suspect.

Some valuables belonging to the woman were reported missing, including a “samurai” that may have been used in killing her.

Police authorities, however, said an autopsy on the victim’s body would establish the real cause of her death.

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