From left, Evan S. Prado, Lida Marie Ingles (Head Nurse), Dr. Elna R. Tamayo-Prado, Mayor Ariel Igoy, Dr. Floripez Lopez-Yerro (Municipal Health Officer), Rexy G. Tamayo and Bernie R. Tamayo.

MALINAO, Aklan — Dr. Elna R. Tamayo-Prado, president of the Philippine Medical Association in America (2014-2015), formally completed its donation of equipment and supplies to the Birthing Clinic of Malinao, Aklan to the Municipal Health Clinic of the Municipality of Malinao, Aklan on April 27, 2016.

Mayor Ariel Igoy, Municipal Mayor, Dr. Floripez Lopez-Yerro, the Malinao Municipal Health Officer, and the rest of the staff of the Rural Health Clinic Staff were grateful to meet Dr. Tamayo-Prado and personally expressed their sincere appreciation for her efforts and generosity for the donation of an almost fully furnished modern birthing facility that includes hospital beds, infant bassinets, stretchers, fetal monitors, weighing scales, surgical instruments, cautery machine, sterilizers, autoclave machine, bed sheets, gowns for patients and staff.

The Tamayo-Prado family also donated a 39 inch TV for educational purposes and entertainment for patients and staff.

Gov. Florencio “Joben” Miraflores, the provincial governor, was excited about the invaluable donations of the PMAA.

He conveyed to Dr. Tamayo-Prado the heartfelt and sincere thanks in behalf of the Province of Aklan for the timely donation of the most needed equipment for the maternity/birthing facilities to the municipality of Malinao.


From left, Evan S. Prado, Mayor Ariel Igoy, Dr. Elna R. Tamayo-Prado, Gov. Joben Miraflores and Dr. Floripez Lopez-Yerro.

He also revealed that “it will help decongest the load of the provincial hospital maternity ward,” and saying further that he hopes that such facilities will be replicated in the rest of the municipalities in Aklan.

Gov. Miraflores and Mayor Igoy awarded the “Resolution No. 102, Series of 2015” Expressing heartfelt appreciation and gratefulness to the Philippine Medical Association in America, Inc. through its President, Dr. Elna R. Tamayo-Prado, for donating medical equipment for the lying-in maternity clinic/birthing facilities of Malinao, Aklan.

Mayor Igoy and Dr. Lopez-Yerro told Dr. Prado that in previous years their census had an average of seven deliveries per year.

However in the first semester of 2016, their census had dramatically increased to 38 deliveries since the PMAA donation.

The Malinao Municipal Health Clinic has a staff of one doctor, one nurse and eight midwives.


Mothers with their healthy newborns using the donations of the PMAA Association in the Malinao Maternity/Birthing Clinic in Malinao, Aklan.

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