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Former Chairman, Couples for Christ International Council

As I journeyed through Holy Week here in Rome and the Vatican, I shared that there were moments when my thoughts would wander off to our beloved Philippines.

In particular, the sermon of Fr. Cantalamessa on Good Friday strongly triggered these thoughts when he shared that the Catholic Church today has a twofold task:

1. To stand with the poor and weak, to be a voice to the voiceless; and

2. Not to be quiet when the situation is there for all to see.

Was he talking about our country?

How did he know these are burning issues in the Philippines today, particularly among many Christians?

Couples for Christ, a Catholic community where I belong, was grappling with these issues.

It used to be quiet, too quiet in a situation when people were looking for answers to many questions.

But now it is quiet no more.

Its International Council has spoken.

In its Statement of March 6, 2019, it issued guidelines to its members on how to conduct themselves in the coming May 13 election.

But it is not only addressed to its members.

It is a Stand for the general public to consider and even adopt if it so agrees.

CFC clarifies that as an institution, it remains as non-partisan.

However, it encourages its members, as urged by our Bishops, “to engage in principled partisan politics” in their individual capacities.

In discerning who is a good candidate, it reminds its members to uphold CFC’s core values, as follows:

PRO-GOD: We look for candidates who believe in God, who manifest in their life that they are God-fearing.

PRO FAMILY: We look for candidates who value family and rises to its defense in their legislation and advocacies.

PRO POOR: We look for candidates who are not corrupt, for the corrupt deprive the poor of what is necessary to live a dignified life.

PRO LIFE: We look for candidates who are against abortion, extrajudicial killings and the death penalty.

Our faith is deepened and grows stronger as it responds to the call of the times.

It is not truly faith if it only stays in a vacuum, unconcerned with what is happening around us, if it finds no application in the reality of our lives.

May we join hands to campaign, vote for, and guard the votes of candidates who live out the faith.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Mt 6:33.

As it is with people, so it is with nations.

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