In 1984, the sophomore batch of Maryknoll College jumped into the 80s clubhouse party craze and gave the party people a blast in “State of the Nation” — an  apt  title borrowed from the quintessential new wave song by the Industry.

Twenty-five years after, the fun-loving colegialas are back as the silver jubilarians of Maryknoll/Miriam  College 2011 homecoming.

With a promise to give back to their alma mater, Batch ’86 will stage yet another party that brings back the 80s in “State of the Nation 2” on Friday, May 6, 2011 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City, Philippines.

Class of ’86 fund-raising committee. From left, Lynda Catindig Garcia - MC chair, Communication Arts Department; Jovie Lorenzo Sabado; Marie Ui - MC program coordinator for the deaf; Carol Ui - MC SAID principal; Kate Gastrock Macapagal; Olen Jalandoni - chair, fund-raising committee; and Lynn Sanchez Ruiz.


This time, the party is not for sheer fun but for a more noble reason, that is, to raise funds for the scholarship program for the deaf students of Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf.

The Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf (SAID) started as a non-profit educational foundation in 1974, and is recognized as a forerunner in total communication, an educational philosophy that focuses on the deaf person’s rights to all forms of communication to gain competence and achieve success.

In 2007, SAID was officially  integrated into the Miriam College system.

Asked why the batch has chosen deaf students as beneficiaries of the fund-raising project, Olen Jalandoni, chair of the fund-raising committee, explains that “there is a need to help the doubly marginalized individuals”; meaning the “disabled and underprivileged students who cannot afford to go to school and be integrated into the mainstream of the society.”

Needless to say, disadvantaged deaf students also deserve the right to quality education in pre-school, elementary, secondary and tertiary courses to maximize their potentials and realize their own dreams.

Members of Batch ’86 have gone a long way from the wide-eyed teenyboppers to women who have found a deeper, more meaningful purpose.

The message is clear.

“State of the Nation 2” — a fund-raising  party for hearing impaired scholars is Maryknoll alumna’s way of listening to the needs of others — and responding to them in the best way they can.


For more information, please contact any of the following:

• Carol Ui at 632.925.7257, 0917-897-0712; or

• Olen Jalandoni at 632.799.5039, 0918-906-6454.

Maryknoll College Batch of ’86 with the deaf scholars of Miriam College.

Korina Sanchez Roxas (front, second from left), a top broadcast journalist, with fellow batchmates and newly installed president of Miriam College, Dr. Rosario O. Lapus (front, third from left).

Fund-raising committee of Maryknoll College Batch of ’86. From left, Lynn Sanchez Ruiz, Kate Gastrock Macapagal, Judy Paner Nuevo, Olen Jalandoni - chair, fund-raising committee; Carol Ui - MC SAID principal; Dr. Marge Alvina Acosta; and Marie Ui - MC program coordinator for the deaf.

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