Tony Ventura, ANCOP U.S.A. president & CEO, speaking at the ANCOP U.S.A. Summit in Portland, Oregon on June 3.  (Filipino Reporter photo)


“In a short period, CFC-ANCOP has become a global movement of God’s people in the service of the poor to share the love of Christ,” said Ricky Cuenca, ANCOP U.S.A. chairperson, during the June 3, 2011 ANCOP U.S.A. Summit held in Portland, Oregon.

The ANCOP official also emphasized his group’s close relationship with Couples for Christ (CFC), the global family renewal movement.

“We can’t separate ANCOP from CFC,” Cuenca stressed.

 ANCOP, an acronym for “Answering the Cry of the Poor,” is a ministry of CFC.

Other Summit speakers were Tony Ventura, ANCOP U.S.A. president & CEO; Roger Santos, Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) director; Elmer M. Pacia, Community Development Program (CDP) director; Joe Yamamoto, CFC executive director; and Ricky Coronel, 2011 ANCOP U.S.A. walk manager.

In his presentation, Ventura explained the symbolisms behind the new ANCOP logo, which reflects the global dimension of ANCOP and its mission of bringing Christ’s love to the poor by proclaiming Him, uplifting lives and transforming communities.

The ANCOP U.S.A. president also announced that the 12 ANCOP regions around the U.S. will sponsor one community each composed of 30 houses.

In addition, Ventura said that the goal of this year’s ANCOP Walk around the U.S. is to raise $1 million for its projects.

Santos informed the audience that currently, there are over 400 poor children being sent to various schools in the Philippines for free by ANCOP U.S.A. under CSP.

Pacia announced that a number of housing communities for poor Filipinos will be established soon in Rizal, Batangas and Bataan.

Dr. Yamamoto announced that health is now part of CFC-ANCOP’s program for the poor.

He said that henceforth, his group will promote a quality health care system responsive to the needs of the poor people living in CFC-ANCOP communities.

Coronel announced that ANCOP U.S.A. Walk will be held on Aug. 20, 2011 in 12 key cities around the U.S.

Walk registrants may do so at: