Filipino actress Valerie “Bangs” Garcia is featured in the West Hollywood, California advertisement of Calayan Surgicentre Corp., owned and operated by “celebrity doctors” Manuel “Manny” Calayan and Rosario “Pie” Cabrera-Calayan (below photo).



WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Celebrity doctor Manny Calayan’s West Hollywood clinic was shut down on Aug. 9 after a sting operation by the Medical Board of California revealed that it was allegedly carrying out medical procedures “without any licensed medical personnel present.”

The Medical Board of California said patients complained of injuries brought by the laser treatments at the Calayan Surgicentre Corp. in West Hollywood.

The sting operation alleged that an undercover investigator posing as a patient obtained evidence that an “unlicensed female represented herself as a licensed medical doctor, diagnosed a medical condition, and performed laser treatments,” the board said.

According to a document released by the medical board, medical board investigators began conducting surveillance at the clinic after they received complaints that unlicensed clinic staff had injured patients by performing cosmetic procedures including laser and Botox treatments at their former Los Angeles location and more recently in West Hollywood.

A search warrant was served at the clinic on Aug. 9 but staff members at the clinic told the Los Angeles Times they were unaware of the state investigation.

According to neighboring clinics, Calayan and his staff were fairly new to their building and kept to themselves.

“They came rather quickly and weren’t very sociable with our office. They never came in to introduce themselves,” Maer Agkei, a medical doctor who has a clinic across from Calayan, told “Balitang America.”

Agkei said he was surprised that the sting happened in their high-profile medical center.

“This is a very well known building and most of the doctors here are very famous and they do real good work,” said Agkei.

Jennifer Simoes, a spokesperson for the medical board, confirmed to “Balitang America” that Calayan’s West Hollywood office has been shut down, but declined to offer further details.

The board has reportedly referred the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for an alleged violation of Business and Professions Code Section 2052 (Practicing Medicine Without A License).

The District Attorney’s Office said it has not begun processing the case.

The media tried to contact clinic owners Dr. Manuel “Manny” Calayan and Dr. Rosario “Pie” Cabrera-Calayan, but the two were not available for comment.

Eric Calayan, a relative, said that the Calayans are in Manila, but will issue a statement soon.

Operations at the Calayan’s West Hollywood branch have been put on hold; pending the investigation.

At least one patient apparently showed up for an appointment at the West Hollywood clinic on Aug. 10 and was turned away, the Times said.

According to the Times, the Calayans posted medical school diplomas on their website (from the Philippines) and certificates of memberships in U.S. medical associations which admit doctors licensed overseas.

They also posted many photos and articles showing their association with Filipino celebrities and mostly Asian patients.

Articles on their website variously refer to Manny Calayan as a “celebrity doctor” and “doctor to the stars” and to his wife as the “beautiful beauty doctor to the stars” and say they are U.S.-trained.

They have advertised a Beverly Hills clinic in the past, but it was not clear if the clinic ever opened, the Times said.

The Times noted that in 2008, a former patient sued the Calayans after undergoing what he alleged was a botched penis enlargement surgery at one of their clinics in the Philippines.

The suit was later dismissed.

According to an article posted on the clinic’s website, Manny Calayan was trained at the Ploenchit Hi-Tech Laser Center for Laser Surgery in Los Angeles — which appears to actually be based in Bangkok, Thailand, the Times said — and “specializes in cosmetic surgery and does nose lift, eye bags removal, dermal fillers for laugh lines, cheeks or chin augmentation, deep wrinkle treatment, deep-setting of the upper eyelids, face lifts, breast enlargement and liposuction.”

Pie Calayan, according to the article, was also trained in Los Angeles and “specializes in skin, hair and nails treatments including slimming (lasers) and skin whitening.”

The article notes that, “Calayan Surgicentre Corp. now offers a wide range of dermatological service such as facials with or without collagen injection; Botox treatment for frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles; Multiclear laser acne treatment; laser wart mole and syringoma removal; scar and pores removal, body scrubs and peels; and hair and nails treatment.”

“Whether Dr. Pie is formulating up her own skin-care products (formulated by Dr. Pie herself to make sure that this is hypoallergenic and suitable for Filipino skin types), or Dr. Manny delicately applies the scalpel to a patient’s body, both believe that beauty should no longer be the private preserve of the rich and the famous but of ordinary Filipino as well,” the article says.

“That philosophy earned them trust of both ordinary and famous clientele.”

Calayan Surgicentre Corp. is a direct competitor of Belo Medical Group, owned by Dr. Vicki Belo, also known as “Doctor to the Stars,” who opened a clinic in Glendale, California last June.

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