Filipino-Americans from the tri-state area at a rally for vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos held in Woodside, N.Y. on April 16.  (Contributed photo)

In a show of force, more than 300 Filipino-Americans lent their support to the candidacy of Sen. Bongbong Marcos for Vice President of the Philippines at a rally held at D’Haven Catering Hall in Woodside, N.Y. on April 16.

The event, dubbed as “Unity Dinner Rally for Bongbong,” was the biggest gathering of Filipino-Americans in the Northeast United States during this campaign for the election of leaders in the Philippines.

Marcos, in a video message from Manila, expressed his appreciation for their support in his platform of a Progressive Philippines.

He requested all the people to continue to be vigilant to have a fair and honest election.

Marcos is the only candidate that seeks to unify the Filipinos for a better future.

Most of the recent pre-election surveys for the position of the Vice President show Marcos as the number one choice of all sectors of the electorate.

(This newspaper, the Filipino Reporter, also officially endorsed his candidacy for Vice President.)

A number of community leaders spoke about why Marcos is the most qualified and the right person to be elected as the next Vice President.

Dulce Barangan, current president of the Ilocano Association and one of the organizers of the event, called on all the Filipinos, especially the Ilocanos, to make sure that Marcos is elected and voiced out her concern about the senator being cheated by the current government during the elections.

In his speech, Willie Paderon of the “Bongbong Marcos for Vice President Movement” in the Northeast U.S.A., asked the community leaders not only to vote for Marcos but also to call all their relatives back home to make sure that they pick the senator as well.

He also asked the voters to be extra vigilant so their votes will be counted accurately.

Speakers touted the more than 30 years of experience of Marcos as an elected official in both executive and legislative levels.

He is also the only candidate with proven accomplishments while he was vice governor and, later, governor of Ilocos Norte.

The senator also led the revision of the proposed Bangsamoro Autonomous Region which was deemed to have unconstitutional infirmities such as dismemberment of the whole Mindanao.

Other notable speakers during the event were Noel Barrameda, Rolly Parado, Dr. Ned Pulido, Dulce Romualdez, Atty. Dean Suba, Tony Yuro, Rosemarie Aznar, Dr. Erie Agustin, Fausto de Vera, Dr. Vicki Bobila, Ave Pimo and Rene Ballenas.

Other supporters and contributors present were Gus Florin, Jesus Parado Jr., Edmond Wong, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Romero, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Yenko, Farlie Salvador, Alex de Guzman and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cuaton.

The Bongbong Marcos Loyalist Movement In New York spearheaded the event together with Bongbong Marcos For Vice President Movement Northeast U.S.A, Ilocano Association and Master Masons NYC.

A “Miting de Avance” is tentatively planned in New York on May 5 to coincide with the planned event in Manila to be held at the Luneta Grandstand, Rizal Park.

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