California Assemblyman Rob Bonto with daughter Reina Bonto.

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Filipino-American Delegates from around the country left Philadelphia elated to be part of history having nominated Hillary Clinton, the first woman as President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention.

For several months, Fil-Ams have been organizing across the country, as well as across the deep blue Pacific for Hillary.

Working together, Fil-Ams have registered voters, phone banked, canvassed, get out the vote, recruited supporters and fundraised for Hillary.

Aglow from the Convention, Fil-Am Delegates and community leaders are energized to further strengthen grassroots activation and mobilization towards border state programs in securing swing states across the country to successfully elect Secretary Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.  

“Hillary and the DNC achieved what was needed to be said — that Hillary has a lifetime record of helping the children and the powerless or marginalized members of our community,” said Loida Nicolas Lewis, a New York Delegate.

“Fil-Ams should access through YouTube and listen to her, Tim Kaine, President Obama, VP Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, Cory Booker among others. We can trust that she is the better choice to be President of the USA!”

“A record number of 15 Fil-Am Delegates represented geographic diversity across the country. In 2012, there were about seven Fil-Am Delegates only. We more than doubled our numbers in four years. Our community is more engaged and feel we can relate more to Secretary Clinton because of her advocacy for the Filipino-Americans,” said Lewis.

Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with family Marc Mezvinsky (Chelsea’s husband), Chelsea Clinton and President Bill Clinton; and vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

“It was a moving experience to be at the Democratic National Convention with my younger daughter Iliana in my thoughts and my older daughter Reina by my side to witness the historical nomination of the woman who will be the first female President of the United States,” California Assemblyman Rob Bonto said.

“Any American child who is now eight years old or younger, including my son Andres, will have grown up in an America where the only Presidents they have known are either Black or a woman. And that will fundamentally change what is possible for them — and for us as a nation — forever.”

“And Filipino-Americans were front and center both at the Democratic National Convention, as leaders and delegates, and in the Hillary campaign. Filipino-Americans have a reputation as a community that gets things done. Not only did we have an effective and visible presence at the Convention, but we do the hard work in the campaign by being on the ground, knocking on doors, and making phone calls. Our population is a critical one in key states and across this nation, and will continue to be for years to come.”

Joshua Ang Price, the only Fil-Am Delegate from Arkansas, said, “The DNC had a truly inspirational atmosphere, which is a sharp contrast to the RNC [Republican National Convention] which seemed to capitalize on the fear and frustration of the American people. I was so pleased to see that guest speakers at the DNC included leaders from our AAPI, Hispanic and Latino, Muslim American, and LGBT and transgendered communities — showcasing the real face of modern America.

“I was also happy to see our female leaders taking center stage. Women make up over half our population, but their skills and intelligence are still sadly underappreciated and underutilized, which I believe is to our society’s detriment. Hillary Clinton is obviously the most qualified person for the job of President, and she just also happens to be a woman. In our nation’s current state of social unrest, we need a leader who has a consistent track record and even temperament to provide stability, not an inexperienced candidate with a volatile personality like Donald Trump. For the good of our economy, minority and immigrant communities, and our children, I believe Hillary Clinton is the clear choice in November.”

From Dubuque, Iowa, Filipino-Hispanic-American Delegate Pasquale Luz said, “It was an unbelievable experience that I will talk about for the rest of my life. The highlight of the week for me was the parts the TV cameras missed. For me, that was attending the AAPI Caucus and hearing the stories of AAPI legislators paving the way for people like us. I can’t wait to one day see a Filipino up on that stage making our Pamilya proud. As Rep. [Xavier] Becerra said in our caucus and again on the convention stage, dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres. Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are. From Vintar to Chicago, I’m very proud to have walked with you all this year and I can’t wait to march into victory with you in November!”

Loida Nicolas Lewis at the convention.

“It was a distinct honor to be elected to represent Guam as a delegate to the historic 2016 DNC Convention in Philadelphia. This year’s party platform focuses on bringing Americans together and removing barriers to opportunities which included honoring the people of Guam and the territories, recognizing the sacrifices made in service of our country. The platform supports self-government and self-determination for the people of the territories, as well as the right to vote for President of the United States, no matter where they reside,” said Régine Biscoe Lee, Guam Delegate and Guam senatorial candidate.

“It’s important for me as both a Filipino-American and an indigenous Chamorro (Pacific Islander) residing on Guam to encourage our stateside communities to participate in the political process. Given Guam’s political status and not being able to vote in the presidential election in November, it makes it that much more important that our AAPI community register, get engaged and vote, giving voice to those who fought for these rights and those who still don’t enjoy them. Moreover, we’ve seen Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders cover the margin of victory in recent battleground states, giving our communities increased political clout and focusing more attention to key AAPI issues.”

“I was so proud to have attended this convention as a first time delegate for Hillary Clinton. It was my honor to represent young Democrats, women, Filipino-Americans, my congressional district, and also my family and to be a part of history,” said Meriam Reynosa of Dublin, California.

“It was amazing to meet so many Fil-Ams across the country and establish relationships with people that I hope will last a lifetime and I thank all of them for being positive and encouraging role models for me to look up to. I know how hard we all worked to campaign, to become delegates and to go the convention and is that same passion and determination we need to work together as united democrats to ensure Hillary is elected as our first Woman President of the United States”

Fil-Am Delegates and DNC members at the DNC Convention include:

• Loida Nicolas Lewis: Businesswoman, Community Leader & Philanthropist, New York

• Pasquale Luz: Filipino-Hispanic-American college grad, Iowa

• Régine Biscoe Lee: Senate Candidate, Guam

• Grace Barrios: Community Leader, California

• Honorable Rob Bonta: Assemblyman, California

• Honorable Ray Buenaventura: Daly City Councilmember, California
• Alex De Ocampo: California

• Mona Pasquil: Former Acting Lieutenant Governor, California

• Gloria Perlas Pulido: California

• Honorable Mark Pulido: Councilmember and former Mayor of Cerritos, California

• Melissa Ramoso, National Coordinator of Filipino Americans for Hillary, California

• Meriam Reynoso: Senior State Senate Field Representative, California

• Vida Benavides: DNC Platform Committee Member, California The Democratic

• Joshua Price: Digital Communications Manager, Arkansas

About Fil Ams for Hillary:

Filipino Americans for Hillary is a national group comprised of Filipino-Americans who support Secretary Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President.

Joshua Ang Price, Fil-Am Delegate from Arkansas.

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