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“Donald Trump has run amuck and has LBM [lip biting moment] of his lips. The Filipinos who come to the U.S. have lived quiet and useful lives,” said Loida Nicolas Lewis, on the Republican presidential nominee’s statement about his fight on immigration at a recent rally which included banning immigrants from the Philippines, among those countries which posed a threat to national security citing that “We’re dealing with animals.”

“Hillary Clinton is the better choice come Nov. 8. Trump is an ignorant racist,” she said.

There has been an outrage over Trump’s statement and an outpouring of support for the Philippines from not only Filipino-American public officials and organizations but also from others around the country.  

Jason Tengco, Hillary for America’s National Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Outreach Director, said, “Donald Trump’s latest proposal to renew his call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., as well as ban immigration from countries like the Philippines, shows once again that he is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president. As a proud Filipino-American, I am deeply concerned that families like mine who immigrated from the Philippines would have been the target of Trump’s reckless and baseless policy proposals. They, and many other immigrants, have made valuable contributions to society, and make our nation stronger. Hillary Clinton has a plan to fight for comprehensive immigration reform and to reunite families, knowing that Filipinos have some of the longest visa wait times: up to 23 years in many cases. Hillary knows that America is a country of immigrants, and understands that we are a stronger country when we come together.”

“I strongly condemn the most recent reckless comments from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump,” said Guam U.S. Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo.

“His comment about banning immigration from the Philippines is reckless and yet another example of why he is not qualified to be our next president. He simply does not understand international relations, or basic facts, nor does he have the temperament to be president. The Filipino community has made and continues to make contributions to our island and the United States, and serve honorably in the military. Moreover, the Philippines has been a strong partner in counterterrorism operations in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. In fact, many experts have pointed to the joint U.S.-Philippine counterterrorism efforts as a model for how to conduct other counterterrorism efforts worldwide. These comments could certainly undermine and jeopardize ongoing U.S.-Philippines counterterrorism efforts...Filipinos are an integral part of our community, and I denounce these recent ridiculous comments. We cannot and we will not ban immigration from the Philippines, a longtime ally and important partner in combating global terrorism. It won’t make us safer and his proposal is simply un-American.”

Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. said, “As the son of Filipino immigrants, and on behalf of my elders, my manongs and manangs, I am appalled by the outrageous comments of this racist bully. He disregards the countless contributions that Filipino-Americans have made to the United States of America, particularly Filipino World War II veterans who fought and died bravely to preserve our freedom and American way of life. He ignores the families and loved ones of those veterans who are applying for citizenship via the current parole program. Once again, Trump puts an exclamation point on his ignorance as he disregards over a century of relations between the U.S. and the Philippines, a country that has been and continues to be one of our nation’s closest allies in that region. Trump’s temperament and bigotry is not befitting of a president. These latest comments are an insult to the 17,000 Filipino-Americans residing in Jersey City, 110,000 living in New Jersey, and over 2.6 million across the country. All good people should be outraged by Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric. We should channel our outrage positively and reject Trump’s prejudiced and erratic way of governing when we vote for the next leader of the greatest nation in the world. On Tuesday, Nov. 8, elect Hillary Clinton, a leader with a world view that appreciates diversity and knows we are stronger when we’re together.”

“Donald Trump’s call for the United States to ban immigrants from the Philippines should disturb Filipino-Americans and Asian-Americans who are thinking of voting for him. His reckless statements do not embody our values as New Yorkers and as Americans, and shows our community that we must stand together to make sure that he does not become president,” said Aries Dela Cruz, president of the Filipino American Democratic Club of New York.

“Filipinos, who make up the second largest Asian-American population in this country, have always been in America, long before this nation was established. We contribute significantly to this country’s healthcare, military and education systems, among many other notable and historic accomplishments. While Donald Trump and the GOP attack Filipinos with divisive and harmful rhetoric, the Democratic Party has enshrined and honored us in their party’s platform with the inclusion of Filipino-American labor leader Larry Itliong among the warriors for social and economic justice. Our choice in November could not be more clear: We need to elect Hillary Clinton to be our president and commander-in-chief.”

Other reactions include:

From Hawaii U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz: “Donald Trump’s latest rant suggesting we ban immigration from countries like the Philippines that are helping us fight terrorism is another example of his reckless rhetoric that’s based on fear and division and further proves he is unfit to lead our country. For generations, Filipinos have made the United States their home. It is their vibrant culture, hard work and strong values that have enriched our communities and made this country great, not the ignorant, racist bigotry of Donald Trump.”

California U.S. Congressman Mike Honda: “Build a wall. Ban Muslims. Now: ban Filipinos. It’s another ignorant idea from the racist bully who claims he’ll make America great again. America is already great without your ideas. During World War II, Filipino soldiers answered President Roosevelt’s call to action, and fought bravely, and without hesitation, beside our U.S. servicemen, and under the U.S. flag. Clearly, this kind of bravery is inconceivable to this ignoramus. I’ve been fighting for decades for these Filipino veterans to get their due respect, to be reunited with their U.S. family members, and to receive the Congressional Gold Medal. Their sacrifice and service, like everyone of our servicemen, must be revered, not renounced. Our nation thrives on diversity, community and respect, not division, fear and intolerance. This hateful rhetoric is what led my family and I to be interned. It takes political courage to stand up to fear, and this latest idea exemplifies the ultimate political cowardice.”

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