Dear Editor,

This refers to your editorial last Friday, “Some people blew a rare Leni opportunity.”

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We would like to clarify that the Consulate was indeed consulted by the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) on matters pertaining to protocol.

The Consulate as well provided airport security and courtesy, transportation, and close-in assistance, as a matter of government policy on government officials visiting Foreign Service Posts.

NaFFAA had total control of all their events during the two days that the Vice President was in town, while the Consulate was in charge of non-NaFFAA activities during her visit.

All information was made clear to all organizing partners when the advance party from the Office of the Vice President arrived in New York prior to the events.

Lastly, the Consulate congratulates NaFFAA for the historic event which gathered some of the most influential members of the Filipino community who stood witness to an emergence of a new generation of leaders.

May we all turn a new leaf and stand behind the new NaFFAA leadership to work towards the Filipino-Americans’ interests in the United States.

Vice Consul Khrystina Corpuz
Public Diplomacy Officer
Philippine Consulate General, NYC

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