Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. at the candlelight vigil in Jersey City, N.J.

JERSEY CITY — A group of Filipino-Americans held a candlelight vigil in this city last week organized by Anakbayan New Jersey, Migrante New Jersey, Filipina Women’s Organizing Committee, Philippine American New Jersey Jaycees and the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns.

Anakbayan New Jersey is a youth and student organization working to educate, organize and mobilize the community to address important issues that affect Filipinos in the U.S. and the Philippines.

They aim to unite Filipino youth of all backgrounds in order to achieve genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

Migrante New Jersey, formerly known as the Filipino Immigrants and Workers Organizing Project (FIWOP) is a mass organization of Filipino immigrant workers and their families.

It seeks to educate, organize and mobilize the low-income and working-class Filipino families in New Jersey to advance their rights and welfare.

New Jersey Filipina Women’s Organizing Committee is a new organization of Filipina women from Jersey City working on empowering Filipinas to fight for their rights.

The Philippine American New Jersey Jaycees is a local JCI NJ chapter that provides development opportunities that empower young active citizens to create a positive change focusing on the Filipino Community needs and engaging Philippine-Americans in creating impact to the community.

NAFCON is a national multi-issue alliance of Filipino organizations and individuals in the United States serving to protect the rights and welfare of Filipinos by fighting for social, economic and racial justice and equality.

At present, NAFCON members encompass over 23 cities in the United States.


A group of Filipino Americans at the candlelight vigil.

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