Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. addresses the audience on Oct. 24, 2017.  (All photos courtesy of re-electionist Councilman-at-Large Rolando Lavarro, Jr.)

JERSEY CITY — In a show of unity behind re-electionist Fil-Am Councilman-at Large Rolando Lavarro, Jr. and Team Steven Fulop, Filipino-Americans in this city braved heavy rains Tuesday night and attended the lively Pulongbayan (Town Meeting) organized by Lavarro to rally Pinoys to go out and vote on Nov. 7 in the local elections here.

The well-attended meeting was held at the Golden Door Charter School Auditorium along J.F. Kennedy Boulevard.

The Pulongbayan was highlighted by positive testimonies of three Fil-Am community leaders about Lavarro, both as a person and as a public servant, speeches by the candidates, line dancing, and delicious Filipino foods donated by local Pinoy restaurants.

In his speech, Fulop reiterated that the large Filipino community in Jersey City had a clout and that they should exercise it.

There are some 15,000 to 20,000 Filipinos living in Jersey City.


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop.

Political observers here believe that a united Filipino vote could make or unmake a candidate during local elections as it happened in past elections.

Team Fulop is composed of: Mayor Steven Fulop; For Council-At-Large- Rolando R. Lavarro, Joyce Watterman, Daniel Rivera; For Ward Council: Ward A - Denise Ridley; Ward B - Mira Prinz; Ward C - John Hannusak; Ward D - Moriah “Mo” Kinburg; Ward F - Jermaine Robinson.

Roger Santos of CFC ANCOP USA delivered the invocation; while the Filipino Reporter’s Editorial/News Editor Manny Caballero served as emcee.


Community leader Linda Mayo delivers her testimony about Rolando Lavarro, Jr.


CFC ANCOP USA’s Roger Santos delivers invocation.


Young Fil-Am community leader Shirley E. Capaldo delivers her testimony.


Pulongbayan emcee Manny Caballero.

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