FAIRFAX, Virginia — A 50-year-old Filipino grandmother who allegedly threw her two-year-old granddaughter to death from the 50-foot elevated bridge of a shopping mall outdoor walkway has been indicted by a Fairfax grand jury on a murder charge.

Carmela Dela Rosa was with her husband, her son, her daughter and her granddaughter Angelyn Ogdoc at Tysons Corner Center mall on Nov. 29.

Angelyn’s distraught mother Mary Kathlyn Ogdoc testified in a preliminary hearing that the family was walking across a fifth-floor skywalk from the mall to the parking lot around 7:20 p.m. when she looked back to see her mother, Dela Rosa, picking up Angelyn.

Mary Kathlyn Ogdoc, 22, testified that she took a few more steps, turned around again, and saw her mother was leaning over the skywalk’s railing.

She told a grand jury: “I turned around and saw her pulling her hands out from under my daughter over the railing...She threw my daughter over the railing...I yelled, ‘Mom.’ My brother or dad yelled, ‘What the hell just happened!?’”

Ogdoc said she ran down the six flights of stairs to her daughter and saw the girl severely injured.

A bystander told her not to touch her and to wait for the ambulance, which arrived shortly.

She recalled she looked up and saw her mother looking over the rail with her head sitting on her hands.

The little girl died nine hours later.

On the stand, Kat Ogdoc pointed, without looking, at her mother Carmela Dela Rosa as the person she saw do it.

A police officer who was first at the scene testified that Dela Rosa said to him, “Yes, I did it. I threw the baby off.”

Dela Rosa was arrested and later charged with murder.

Dela Rosa has suffered with mental health issues for years, public defender Dawn M. Butorac said after the hearing.



Scene of the crime where Carmela Dela Rosa threw her two-year-old granddaughter to death.


Butorac said the Dela Rosa and Ogdoc families knew Carmela Dela Rosa was mentally ill and would not let her watch the toddler alone.

Butorac asked Ogdoc why had she wanted to stay close by while her mother was watching her daughter.

Ogdoc testified it was because “she tried to kill herself more than one time. I didn’t think my daughter would be safe with someone like that.”

Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh says it wasn’t easy asking the young mother to recall the tragedy.

“She’s devastated. My heart goes out to her,” said Morrogh.

Fairfax Juvenile Court Judge Helen F. Leiner found probable cause to certify the case to the grand jury in circuit court.

The grand jury issued its murder indictment, but the document was not publicly available until last week.

A trial date was set for March, but a true trial date will be set after both sides handle pretrial hearings and motions, which are expected to include requests for mental evaluations of Dela Rosa.

Butorac says she will be looking into an insanity defense.

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