The Ilawan family.

Despite our success and growth since our founding in 1958, we’ve always maintained a close relationship with our clients.

We understand that when people seek the aid of a lawyer, that they are usually dealing with a stressful issue.

It’s our goal to help clients navigate this time in their lives with as little anxiety as possible, and to provide the best possible outcome for their future.

Having helped over 70,000 clients with matters regarding immigration law, personal injury, tax debt relief, criminal defense, and family law, we have become in tune to the needs of our clients and pride ourselves on providing peace of mind every step of the way.

Alma came to us last year with what she thought was going to be a stressful situation.

Her son wanted to attend college in the United States and had to navigate the legal system to become a “Dreamer.”

We were able to take the strain out of the process and help her son achieve his dreams and get the education he always wanted.

Alma’s family came to New York City in late 2001 from Dasmariñas City, Philippines in search of medical care for their eldest son Jorel.

After receiving the care that he needed, the family decided to plant roots and pursue approval of their green card applications, but Jorel wanted more.

He had dreamed of attending college in the United States and with the support of his parents he met with our attorneys to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The approval of Jorel’s deferred action application would allow him to study without the constant threat of deportation for two years and provides him work authorization.

The application process went smoothly for Jorel since he had no past issues with law enforcement and he met all guidelines.

His application was approved within four months and he quickly enrolled to take classes at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

He is now in his second year at college and couldn’t be happier, working towards a liberal arts degree in the city.

Alma and John had initially approached us in hopes of securing deferred action for both of their sons, but their youngest, John Eric, was only 14.

After John Eric turned 15 his parents came to us again and we started filing his paperwork.
Again, only four months later their other son’s application for deferred action was approved.  

He is currently in his second year at high school and has hopes to become a football player in college.

With the help of our attorneys at Spar & Bernstein, Jorel and John Eric now have the peace of mind to further pursue their education without worrying about being placed in removal proceedings, and they can now both work to help support their family.

Alma and her husband John can rest assured knowing that their sons have achieved their dreams and that this hurdle is now behind them.


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