SAN FRANCISCO — Starting next year, illegal immigrants in California may apply for a driver’s license.

More than 1.4 million illegal immigrants in California are expected to head for the five Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) centers starting Jan. 1, 2015 to apply, according to a report in The Orange County Register.

While some undocumented immigrants have raised concerns that the documentation may be used to deport them, local authorities clarified that the information may be used only if court orders require it.

Meanwhile, various authorities are launching test preparation classes to help the affected immigrants prepare for the exams that they have to pass.

An Associated Press report said a local Mexican consulate organized monthly test preparation classes, while California’s DMV created audio materials in foreign languages to help administer the test.

DMV officers are also warning illegal residents to beware of scammers who may take advantage of their needs.

Naples News reported a recent arrest of a man who sold fake IDs and stole money from undocumented immigrants desperate for a driver’s license.

Before his arrest, the man was able to steal a total of $1,700 and seven passports, valued at $101 each.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, Filipino immigrants account for five percent of the U.S. immigrant population in 2012.

Out of these, 811,900 or 45 percent were recorded in 2011 to reside in the state of California, with the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area playing host to 288,400 immigrants in the same year.

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