New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (pictured above) has signed into law introductions 486-A and 487-A, limiting the city’s cooperation with federal immigration enforcement practices, except where there are public safety concerns.

De Blasio signed the law the same day President Barack Obama announced protection from deportation of upwards to five million unauthorized immigrants.

“Mass deportation has not only pulled apart thousands of New York City families, it has also undermined public safety in our communities in the entire city and imposed disproportionate penalties on immigrant parents and spouses who these families depend on for emotional and financial support,” the mayor said in a report by the Catholic newspaper The Tablet.

The two bills end the presence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at Rikers Island and all city facilities.

Under the new laws, the city will only honor detainer requests if they are accompanied by a judicial warrant.

De Blasio also said that the legislation is an attempt to strengthen by fostering community trust in law enforcement, allowing police officers to focus on public safety, keeping families together, and protecting New Yorkers — those who are working, raising families, and contributing to the community.

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