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Life is good in Canada.

Don’t just take our word for it but the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland just announced that Canada ranks as the second best country globally in March 2017.

Germany was first, Canada second, the United Kingdom third, the United States fourth and Sweden fifth.

Canada ranked number one for quality of life for the second straight year.

The World Economic Forum assessed 60 countries and looked at several factors before rendering their decision:

Quality of Life Factors included: affordability, job market, economic stability, family-friendliness, income equality, political stability, safety, and quality of public services such as the healthcare and school systems.

Scandinavian countries largely topped the quality of life ranking, with Sweden coming in at number two, Denmark at number three, and The Netherlands at number five.

Australia is number four.

Citizenship factors included: gender equality, human rights, religious freedom and trustworthiness.

Sweden was at number one.

Denmark was third.

The Netherlands was fourth and Australia was fifth.

The formula behind the rankings were as follows:

A set of 65 country attributes — terms that can be used to describe a country and that are also relevant to the success of a modern nation — were identified.

Attributes by nation were presented in a survey of more than 21,000 people from across the globe.

Participants assessed how closely they associated an attribute with a nation.

The attributes were then placed into nine subcategories which combined to create the best country rankings.

The subcategories and their overall contribution are:

Adventure (3.24 percent): friendly, fun, pleasant climate, scenic, sexy

Citizenship (16.95 percent): cares about human rights, cares about the environment, gender equality, progressive, religious freedom, respects property rights, trustworthy, well-distributed political power

Cultural Influence (12.93 percent): culturally significant in terms of entertainment, fashionable, happy, has an influential culture, modern, prestigious, trendy

Entrepreneurship (17.42 percent): connected to the rest of the world, educated population, entrepreneurial, innovative, provides easy access to capital, skilled labor force, technological expertise, transparent business practices, well-developed infrastructure, well-developed legal framework

Heritage (3.17 percent): culturally accessible, has a rich history, has great food, many cultural attractions

Movers (10.00 percent): different, distinctive, dynamic, unique

Open for Business (11.99 percent): bureaucratic, cheap manufacturing costs, corrupt, favorable tax environment, transparent government practices

Power (7.42 percent): a leader, economically influential, politically influential, strong international alliances, strong military

Quality of Life (16.89 percent): a good job market, affordable, economically stable, family friendly, income equality, politically stable, safe, well-developed public education system, well-developed public health system

In the three most heavily weighted categories, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Quality of Life, Canada ranked #4, #7 and #1, respectively.

There is nothing wrong with being No. 2 and only means we need to try harder to make it to the top.


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