The Philippine Consulate General in New York is “in the dark” about the identities of 18 Filipinos who were among 50 undocumented workers allegedly exploited for over 13 years at several 7-Eleven stores on Long Island, N.Y. and Virginia, the Filipino Reporter has learned.


The Filipino American Legal Defense and Education Fund (FALDEF) and the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) are co-hosting a community despedida for Deputy Consul General (DCG) Tess Dizon-de Vega (pictured above) as she leaves her current post to return to Manila.


GEN. Douglas MacArthur gained fame in World War II as the liberator of the Philippines and as the American administrator of a defeated Japan.


‘I want to clear my name’


Dagupan City Mayor-elect Belen Fernandez (second from left) is proclaimed by the City Board of Canvassers headed by lawyer Ericson Oganiza (second from right), city election supervisor, on May 14 at the City Council’s session hall. Others in photo are city prosecutor Joven Maramba (left), the board’s vice chairman, and Dr. Gloria Torres.  (Photo by Cesar Ramirez)

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