REMEMBER Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada? Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolante?

Gen. Carlos Garcia?

Euro Generals?

Maybe not anymore.

But once upon a time they were, however, the talk of the town, the subject of talk shows, and headliners in bold letters of national newspapers.

Where are they now and what made them top newsmakers anyway?

Jun Lozada was the whistleblower in the NBN-ZTE deal that allegedly involved the Arroyo administration.

Due to a threat on his life, Lozada went into hiding, sought refuge with La Sallite brothers, and now virtually forgotten, jobless and unrewarded for his revelation.

Joc-Joc Bolante was tagged for the multi-million fertilizer fund scandal, fled to the United States, returned home to answer the charge, but no charge has been filed against him.

The Joc-Joc hysteria merely faded away.

He even ran and lost for Congress from his home province of Capiz.

Gen. Garcia, former comptroller of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, was charged with amassing wealth beyond his means, buying properties in the U.S., his two sons were caught carrying more than $100,000 they did not declare upon arriving at San Francisco International Airport.

A military court convicted him of violation of the Articles of War, spent two years in prison, declined to be released when his time was up, and wants to remain in custody to continue his work as a lay minister at the New Bilibid Prison chapel.

His wife and sons have pending charges in the U.S.

The Euro Generals?

On their way to Russia to attend a police-Interpol conference, they were intercepted in the Moscow airport bringing with them thousands of undeclared euros.

Philippine military and legal authorities made a splash by announcing to hale to court the so-called Euro Generals but the case eventually went pfffttt.

And now some members of Congress, including allies of President Bengino Aquino III, have been linked to the multi-billion peso pork barrel scandal.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima says charges against the lawmakers “will be filed in a few weeks.”


Will de Lima have the guts to go after members of a co-equal body like Congress, especially President Aquino’s partymates?

Aside from Gen. Garcia, only former President Joseph Estrada had been behind bars.

Convicted of plunder by the Sandiganbayan, Estrada was sentenced to life in prison but was later granted executive clemency by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

With his rights restored, Estrada went on to run for president in the 2010 elections and inexplicably finished strong behind the reluctant candidate P-Noy.

But Estrada easily won as mayor of Manila in the last midterm elections.

Go figure.

With scams after scams after scams, our trenchant columnist Federico Pascual was moved to flippantly write that the Philippines be renamed Scamdinavia.

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